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API SMTP Email - Send emails from your apps

XML & JSON - Mailpro API v3

Deliver your emails with our API

Our REST-based email marketing API enables you to link your applications to Mailpro and send your email with ease.

Whether you mean to use it for the newsletter sending service or for your follow-up on your campaigns, our email marketing API enables you to extend the features of their applications by incorporating email marketing components to improve user experience.

Moreover, developers can use our API to incorporate email marketing features in their applications, thus creating a competitive difference that will result in the generation of additional income.

With our API, you can access all that you can do with Mailpro in hosted mode on our servers.

Email API

With our email marketing API, you can

API Email
Send emails or campaigns
Send transaction-processing emails or campaigns using the content of your application.
API statistics
Download statistics
Download the opening statistics, the click-through statistics, by country for a given campaign.
API automatic lists
Generate automatic lists
Generate automatic lists in your CRM from your clients' actions.
API address book
Synchronize address books
Synchronize address books and messages with your CRM system.
API profiles
Synchronize profiles
Synchronize the user profile data with another system.

Documentation for Mailpro API

Mailpro API Methods
Here are the full documentation for the Mailpro API Methods we use.
Mailpro API Samples
The following samples are provided as a help to make the API integration easier.

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