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Increase your Click-through rate easily

Increase Clcik-through Rate

A good click-through rate means good chance for conversions. This is why many marketers take this rate into consideration in their strategy. If you use a qualified database and relevant content, you are likely to get a high click-through rate. When a user clicks it implies a real interest in the product/services whereas the opening of an email is just the first step and shows the customer is curious. When a customer clicks it shows real interest in the content as he will only click if he is really interested. When it comes to creating interest, the key is to use customized content. Before launching your campaigns, it would be better to get to know the recipients and mostly to define the kind of relation you want them to have with your brand, your services, and your products. In the end, the click relies mostly on one tool: the call-to-action (CTA). In order for a user to click you will need a link present. When the link is embedded within an expression in a text, or on a picture or on a button it is referred to as call-to-action. In an e-mail campaign there may be several calls-to-action and that is a real good thing to increase the click-through rate. However, it is useless to have a lot of them as you can simply put one at the top, at the bottom or in the middle and the results will be good. If you decide to put pictures of products, create a link redirecting to the full description of the item on your website. The placement of the CTA should not be underestimated and to achieve an optimal visual result, the placement must be considered during the process of graphic designing of the newsletter or the e-mail campaign. Same principle applies for its appearance. The CTA must be eye catching and should be placed in a way that the user feels that it will lead to more important content. Therefore, whether it is located on an expression in a text or on a button, it is very important that the user knows immediately that there is a link that can be clicked.

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