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Share your Email Lists between your Mailpro Users

Let’s face it, today, modern teams work cross-functionally, remote across departments and time zones. While email remains the predominant way of communication, it is not conducive to a collaborative environment. As an ideal one-on-one communication method, email meets the needs of the modern team. When running an email campaign, it becomes important for the team to have a list of emails handy.


In order to make it easy for users, Mailpro introduces a sharing list of the emails between users. It is one of the ideal solutions for modern workflows, transparent communication, and team collaboration. Shared email lists help to bring teams together. Whether you work in the same department, building as a team, across location, office, or disciplines, a shared list of emails enables you to work transparently and collaboratively.

Benefits of Sharing Email List between Users

Enable Team to Collaborate


When email is shared between users, it makes collaboration easy as they know what is in the emails and what they are all about. Earlier when email lists were not shared, forwarding emails to colleagues with cc’ing or FYI was messy.

Offer Accountability and Transparency

Shared list of emails between users offers accountability and transparency. You can delegate and share emails lists with your entire team. In fact, everyone can see the email history and chain, enabling clear transparency. So, you don’t need to chase your coworkers to share a list of emails for information. With Mailpro, you don’t have to worry about getting information about a specific email, as users already have an email list accessible.

Secure and Easy to Monitor

Emails are excellent communication channels which were not designed to work as a team collaboration tool. On the flip side, when you share a list of emails with your team, everyone can easily manage outbound and inbound emails. Moreover, you don’t need to provide lengthy email chains.


At Mailpro, we help you share email lists between users in a simple and straight forward way. Similar to Mailpro’s multi-user account for email marketing team, this feature also helps a lot to make an email campaign successful.



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