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What is Click through rate and How to Improve Click Through Rates? | Mailpro Emai...

Mailpro recently launched it´s Email Marketing Benchmark for you to study your metrics and see where you stand compare to others in your industry or your region.

Email plays a vital role in any marketing strategy. Quality content and a good subscriber list can be the most efficient ways to drive your audience to action. In order to ensure you are getting the best of your email campaigns, you should always track and compare your key performance indicators (KPIs) against competitors, industry, and each other. One of the most effective of these metrics is click-through rate (CTR). In this post, we will read about the importance of click-through rate by geography and the ways to improve it. 

 What is Click-Through-Rate, and how to Calculate it?

 In layman’s terms, click-through rate is how many people clicked the link in your email. However, it is essential to know what it is all about and how to calculate it? CTR should always be in the mix when prioritizing your email marketing metrics. Usually, it is spoken as a percentage. In order to calculate it, you need to divide the total number of people who clicked the link that you sent them in an email. Then you need to multiply the number by 100 to make your accurate percentage. 

 How can you improve your CTA?

 According to a source, the click-through rates in different regions are America 6.19%

Europe 3.86%, Africa 3.08 %, Oceania 1.54%, and Asia 2.23%. There are various ways you can improve your CTA. These are:

  • Structure

 Having good content is important, but it is also important that your content is presented correctly. You should write engaging email content and understand where to put details, use bullet points and use headings. 

  • Subject Line

 The Email subject line matters a lot when you are sending emails. It should communicate what your email contains and why your recipients should open the email. You should test your email lines precisely. Some marketing tools let you split tests your emails. In simple words, send a couple of versions and compare subject line results in more opens, fewer subscribers, and more click-throughs. 

  • Email Personalization

 This is one of the most effective strategies for getting high click-through rates. Personalized emails stand out more and are likely to generate click-throughs. When you have a list segmentation set-up, you can tweak messaging for different groups and ensure you are grabbing the attention. Personalized email increases your chances of getting higher conversion rates. 

  • Preview Text

 The preview text, also known as pre-header text, plays an imperative role in getting emails opened. When a recipient sees the subject line and the sender, this is another thing they see. It will support our subject line and is also a good way to add a call-to-action and expand on personalization and keywords. 

  • Timing

 According to recent data, sending a single email a week helps achieve the highest CTR on average. This is a popular approach, with a whopping 49% of the businesses analyzed in this report opting for one newsletter weekly. Once you track trends on your emails, start seeking the times of day when the click-through rates are higher than open rates. 

  • Design

 The email campaign should not seem separate from other marketing collateral. Thus make sure to keep the visual elements on-brand and unique. You can look at the trends in email marketing campaigns. It is also important to consider accessibility to ensure your email template is responsive for diverse devices and for HTML and plain text formatting. 

  • Call-to-action Placement

 The call to action should be placed where the possibilities of clicking are more. Whether it is for getting in touch with a brand, purchasing something, or social media, your CTR should convey your audience. It should clearly communicate., be intriguing, and be visible in the email. You can try different approaches and see which one offers the best results.

Read more about Mailpro´s Email Marketing  Benchmark and read more tips about how to improve your click rate.

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