Environmental commitment of Mailpro™

Green emailing, Environmental commitment of mailpro™

Mailpro ™ is a founding member of the Green Emailing Association. This association's goal is to reduce the environmental impact associated with emails by offsetting the CO2 produced by electronic messaging

Email, although more environmentally friendly than paper, has all the same an environmental impact. Green Emailing brings together providers caring about the offset of the CO2 generated by the use of their services.

AgenceWeb SA, Mailpro™ publisher, is committed to offset the CO2 generated by the sending of mailings through Mailpro™. For each email sent, 0.3 gram of CO2 will be offset. This compensation is made in partnership with Tree Nation.

It is possible to report this compensation in your email marketing newsletters. In Mailpro™, when sending a campaign, you can accept to insert the Green Emailing logo, stating that the mail has offset the equivalent CO2.

Visit the website of the Green Emailing Association.