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Benefits of Having a Two Factor Authenticator


In the world wide web, security has become a significant concern. Hackers are cracking the most robust password and security standards. Luckily, it can be stopped with two-factor authentication. Well, two-factor authentication is an authentication mechanism to check your identity twice legitimate. In email campaigns, two-factor authentication is highly effective. When you sign in to your Mailpro account, you are prompted to authenticate with a username and a password - that is your first verification layer. The second security layer is an extra step in the process. It will re-confirm your identity. The main purpose of two-factor authentication is to reduce fraud risks and make the attacker's life harder.


Benefits of two-factor authentication to log in your Mailpro Account


More Secure Data


The username and password of users are easy to hack and are more vulnerable, especially when passwords are easy to guess. For example, when two-factor authentication is enabled, the hacker requires a password, username, and access to the user’s phone. This reduces the chances of fraud. On the other hand, two-factor authentication makes data more secure by using secret code and scanning a QR code which is impossible and difficult to crack.



Support/Helpdesk Cost Reduction


One of the major issues faced by users is forgotten passwords. Without two-factor authentication, password recovery is equal to impossible. The recovery is only possible through helpdesk, which adds numbers of working hours and cost. But two-factor authentication can help you with these expensive and time-consuming reset calls by offering a secure and safe way for end-users to reset passwords.


Increase Users Trust


Users like knowing their data is protected and secure with Mailpro. Even though extra verification stepps can seem unnecessary and annoying at times, users appreciate and trust businesses that take precautions to secure and protect them seriously.


Simplify the Login Process


The single sign-on logins invention has made two-factor authentication much easier. An OTP (One-time password) is a string of characters, numbers, or letters sent to a user for attempting a single login. In fact, OTP can easily be sent to a mobile phone through voice or SMS, securing private credentials, data, and web-based services. One-time passwords also reduce fraud risks by sending random, time-sensitive, and unique PINs and codes to users' mobile via push message, voice, or SMS.


Easy to Implement

Two-factor authentication is among the least expensive to implement. As long as Mailpro supports it, which it certainly does, implementing 2FA can be non-intrusive virtually, resulting in no downtime, no matter what.


To sum up, two-factor authentication is an efficient tool that increases security, monitors fraud prevention, adds support reduction, and makes your Mailpro account completely safe.

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