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Detailed Guide on Blacklists in Email Marketing and How they Can be Avoided

Are you using email marketing to promote your website campaigns, but you are unable to figure out why you cannot generate much traffic via email marketing? It usually happens when your email address is blacklisted.


Nowadays, email marketing has become quite common to reach your target audience and spread the word about your company, campaigns, and the latest offers you are providing. 


While looking at the negative side of technology, we cannot negate how cybercrime is normal these days. This is why special attention is given to online platform security. 

Suppose you have been using email marketing for some time now, and you planned a considerable email marketing campaign for your product. You spend hours designing an informative email that includes everything related to the latest campaign your company is organizing, but it does not reach the recipient. How is it possible?


Sometimes the mail comprises minor issues like an insignificant writing error, wrong email address, or the most common reason behind the recipient not receiving the mails could be attributed to the recipient's inbox being full. All these email bouncing issues are solvable, and you can easily get rid of them. 

However, sometimes the emails do not reach the recipient because the ISP has blacklisted the sender's email address. When a sender's address is blacklisted, all their emails are delivered in the spam box. 


The wisest advice that anyone could ever give you is to never take blacklisting lightly. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have specially design blacklists to guard their users against spam. 


It is the reason why many email marketers use Mailpro to follow ethical email marketing techniques that will make their mails free from spam, authentic, and genuine to pass spam filters and avoid getting blacklisted easily. 


Discover the role of Blacklists in Email Marketing 


We know that Internet Service Providers design the blacklists with the user's comfort in mind. A blacklist is like a list of faulty email addresses whom no one wanted to see in their primary inbox. Therefore the emails that are sent from blacklisted addresses go to the spam folder. 


Domains and IP addresses are like building blocks of the blacklist, and these factors are thought to transmit spam content. Domains and IP addresses help you identify which email is useful and which one needs to be shunned. 


The primary elements included in the blacklist are domains and IP addresses, so the blacklists are also categorized based on their names. When domains are suspected of sending any kind of inappropriate emails, they are classified into a domain blacklist. When spam mail is sent through an IP address, it is added to the IP address blacklist. 


Blacklists are made up of advanced algorithms to protect users from receiving undesired emails. 


How your email address got Blacklisted?


When you send an email for marketing purposes to the recipient, it must pass through various tests to reach their inbox. 


The first step that the recipient ISP executes is to verify if the email is authentic or not. Your email IP address is checked against the list already available and then goes through the receiver's spam filters to review particular details that the receiver does not accept. If your email passes these tests, only then will your email reach the user's inbox, and if it doesn't, it's likely that you have been blacklisted and will settle in the spam box. 


To save yourself from the anxiety of red flags of spam filters, choose Mailpro to design an email marketing campaign in which you can take the anti-spamming test in earlier stages only. Later if you find any spam link or content, you can make necessary changes and get ready with user-friendly mail. 


Here we have some other reasons why your email address could have been blacklisted: 


  • Irrelevant Mail: If you send emails repeatedly to someone who is not interested in your services, they can report spam. If you get into that category for once, it will affect your reputation, and ISP starts taking you down with every spam report and eventually blacklists you. 


  • Instant Raise in the List: Suppose one day your list had five addresses, and the other day it increased to 15. No one considers such growth as natural. To avoid malicious activities and promote an organic approach to raise your business, ISP blacklists your email address. 


  • Poor List Collection: Have a proper record of your list, like who is opening the email and who is not. If your sent emails are not being opened and they are frequently bouncing because the email address is not active anymore, it can harm your reputation and… well, you already know the consequences. 


  • Missing Unsubscribe Button: No one wants to get un-necessary emails in their inbox as they know that cyber email fraud is just a click away. To avoid such frauds and for users' convenience, GDPR, in their guidelines, made it necessary to include the 'Unsubscribe' button in an email. 


This option gives freedom to the users to choose if they want to see your emails or not. If there is no 'Unsubscribe' option in the mail, the user will likely report to spam, which does not sound right. 


How to Set Yourself Free from a Blacklist?


It is simple to set yourself free from the blacklist. Once it is confirmed that you have been blacklisted, think of how and why you were blacklisted. If something like this happens to us, we all know where we went wrong, so identify that area and improve as soon as you can. Once done, give an update that you have made changes in the area that were disturbing, and no spam will be reported on your address. 


If this is not sufficient, you can request them to remove you from the blacklist. In such cases, you have to wait for their response. You will either get the confirmation of your request, or you will be updated with changes that are required on your end. 


In the end, there are some lists where you can do nothing but work on the services you provide. The more you improve, the early you will be removed from the blacklist. 


The best way to design an email campaign is via Mailpro; everything is so well organized at Mailpro that you can easily manage the address' list, make your content free from spam, and release it in the market all within the platform. Once you have already shielded your mails, nothing can harm you. 


How to Save yourself from Getting Blacklisted? 


Getting blacklisted is something that could be troublesome for many people and might have a huge impact on the revenue generated by a company. No one can afford to get blacklisted. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious since the beginning and take care of the following steps to benefit your company or yourself via email marketing.  


  1. Take special care of the subscription list
  2. Look at Technicality


  1. Take special care of the subscription list.


  • Prepare the list Yourself: Whatever you are doing online, the more organically you do that task, the better results you get. When you buy or rent a list, it may contain spammy email addresses. If you continuously send emails to these addresses, it could be detrimental to you economically, and nothing should harm your mental peace and the reputation of your company in regards to IPS. So, prepare a list of multiple email addresses on Mailpro and access them easily.


  • Call to Action is Must: In email marketing, your call to action revolves around asking your recipient to add you to their address book. It maintains a healthy relationship between the sender and the receiver. 


  • Double opt-in services: In elementary school, we read about moral science and already learn to, "ask permission". To get good results in email marketing, follow moral science and ask the recipient if they would like to receive your emails before adding them to your existing mailing list. Double opt-in services maintain the integrity of the company and the privacy of the recipient. 


  1. Look at Technicality


  • Relevant Content: Create a mail that begins with a compelling subject line that could easily attract users' attention. When you draft an email, make sure that it satisfies ESP's (Email Service Provider) guidelines. 


  • Keep track of email engagement: You should have all the records related to the actions done on the mail you sent. The record includes how many people read it and how many people didn't receive it. You should maintain this data to ensure that your active list is genuine.


Note: When you manage your email campaign on Mailpro, you do not have to go anywhere. You will get all the details and reports of actions in one place. 




You need to be extra cautious and do things the right way to produce better results naturally. Email marketing is the future of today's digitized world, and you should educate yourself to be ready for the future. 


Email Marketing forms an integral part of digital marketing but can be tiresome at the same time. Mailpro's Email Marketing Campaigns will help you manage email marketing campaigns for your company that will definitely help you get good results.


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