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Mailpro’s Newsletters Templates for New Year

The festive season is on the way! Christmas and New Year are the hottest seasons for email marketers to impress their customers and clients with deals and offers. Of course, to send them wishes during the festive season, you need to use special and decorative newsletter templates. Mailpro is here to help you out! 


Types of Newsletter Templates


Ideally, you should be sending two types of New Year newsletters to your customer base. One is for greeting, and the other is for sales/promotion purposes. While this is a lot of work, you can make your job easier with beautiful newsletter templates for New Year from Mailpro. You just need to click on the template you like and matches your requirements and use it to create your New Year Newsletter. 


  • Greetings Template for New Year by Mailpro lets you send wishes, cheerfulness, and spread love. You can do that by building banners or embedding a video into the New Year email template. 


  • Sales/ Promo- Sales email is designed to attract people to buy your products. When designing a sales/Promo newsletter, Mailpro’s Newsletter templates are simply beautiful. You can even decorate them with elements and save them in your library.


Mailpro offers an exclusive range of newsletters designed for the New Year. These are beautiful and can grab the recipient’s attention in no time. You can choose the template by clicking on it and editing it with a range of editing options. You can change the color scheme, text, background, imagery, or any design element you want. Add your content and make it ready to send. All the essentials are already there to modify your newsletter. 


Customize your Newsletter with Various Design Options


A great newsletter should be branded, concise, and clear. If you want your New Year newsletter to stand out, Mailpro offers the most eye-catching and unique New year newsletter template options. Choose from the wide range of customization features and add something special to your newsletter. Add shapes, illustrations, icons, own brand logo, customized messages, and more. 


Choosing Mailpro’s New Year Newsletter Templates.


The best aspect of Mailpro’s New Year Newsletters is you don’t need any knowledge of graphic design or coding to master the basics. You just need to choose a newsletter template that gives you a headstart. It carries everything you need for a successful New Year newsletter. This powerful suite of design tools is amazing for creating marketing materials. Rather than paying fees for printing services or design, you can just create a beautiful newsletter using Mailpro’s New Year templates. 


New Year is an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers by sending them a newsletter with a personal message. Besides this, you can also spare time to talk about what’s new you are offering to them in the coming year. 


Explore the most eye-catching and beautiful New Year newsletter templates at Mailpro. Regardless of what sort of newsletter you want to send, we have a wide range of templates that can simply blow anyone’s mind

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