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Valentine’s Day Templates- Create a Successful Campaign in 2022.

Valentine's day is celebrated every year on 14 Feb. This day is not only special for lovers but also marketers. Customers like spending on this holiday, whether on chocolates, elegant rings to propose to their loved one or flower bouquets. Valentine’s email marketing strategies might help you capitalize on this chance. According to one estimate, Valentine's Day expenditure would reach $21.8 billion in 2022. As a result, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to drive conversions, especially given that consumers continue to purchase online despite the pandemic scenario.


So, if you are all set to give your email marketing a boost this Valentine's Day, Mailpro offers a wide range of templates. 


How to Use Mailpro Templates to Persuade your Audience?

Mailpro Valentine’s Day templates are designed to keep the essence of the special day into consideration. These templates offer a win-win situation for the marketers as they do not have to put extra effort while designing email templates for the lover’s day! So, what aspects should you consider when sending these templates to your targeted audience? Let’s have a look:


  1. Adhere to Design Trends


The best Valentine's Day email with animated images and enticing wording is really impressive. It is brief, to-the-point, and actionable for the reader. Your Valentine's Day subject lines are just as crucial as the email design. Some catchy will undoubtedly entice recipients to read the email. Make your Valentine's subject lines click-worthy by using emoticons, customization, and experimenting with new concepts.


  1. Publicize Your Offer Ahead of Time


Your subscribers are busy, and they might be forgotten at times. Remind them about the forthcoming Valentine's Day holiday well in advance. This will not only help people set their alarms, but it will also increase your sales. You can send a series of emails using Mailpro templates to unveil its Valentine's Day line nearly a month before the big day. While the first email only mentions their Valentine's Day release, the second email promotes their items with relevant language to entice customers to buy. It will also serve as a Valentine's Day marketing guide, assisting subscribers in selecting appropriate presents.

  1. Timing is Everything


When it comes to Valentine's Day email advertising, timing is crucial. Send your first Valentine's email a few weeks before the occasion to build anticipation and awareness. You can use automated emails within a specific timeframe. Then, as the holiday approaches, send out additional personalized emails. Right before Valentine's Day, segment your list to target customers who have looked at things but have not purchased them, creating a feeling of urgency with your subject line and text: The last chance!

  1. Take care of all subscribers


Because not everyone is in a relationship, instead of focusing primarily on couples, consider targeting singles as well. Around Valentine's Day, people buy presents for their friends, family, pets, or even themselves; while you design your emails, consider more than simply romantic ties. Sending a gift guide with suggested goods may assist your consumer in "finding something they will love," regardless of who "they" are.

5 Choose the Best Subject Lines


To make your Valentine's email subject lines stand out, use heart emojis; 56 percent of companies that use emojis in subject lines report a greater conversion rate. 


  1. Choose Complementary Colours


Warm colors, such as various tones of red and pink, are great for Valentine's Day. But do not go overboard, and make sure you are not deviating from your company's logo.


  1. Strategic Segmentation


Personalization is the goal of segmenting your email list – delivering each consumer’s communications that are particularly relevant to them. Segment your Valentine's Day emails based on previous purchases, proposing a list of things to buy that is tailored for each consumer.


  1. Use Imagery


You may be receiving a lot of Valentine's Day emails with vivid graphics. Everyone loves these aesthetically appealing emails! Put your photographs in the spotlight — and then back them up with a few well-chosen words of text. Text is vital, but let visuals take the spotlight.


  1. Tell customer’s story


People enjoy hearing love stories, so send one in an email. If you don't already have one, this is an excellent opportunity to seek user-generated material. Ask your consumers to submit their own love tales in exchange for a 10% discount on their next purchase or an entry into a raffle. Bonus points if your product or service was instrumental in bringing the happy couple together.




Valentine's day is an important event for email marketers. With all of this love in the air, the correct marketing might let some romance and positive emotions rub off your company. There is plenty of love to go around, whether you use our Valentine's Day email templates or create your own. Mailpro offers hundreds of Valentine’s day templates that can be customized and sent to the prospects according to the segment lists. Have fun creating! 

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