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NFTA / bad mail management

Improving the quality of one's email campaign with Mailpro's NFTA management

Identifying and deleting bad mails, which devalue the address book of a newsletter

NFTAs (not found at this address), or bad mails, areusuallydomain addresses that don't exist any longer. As with postal mail, each newsletter sent to an NFTA is sent back to the advertiser. The receiving server tells him that the addressee's address is no longer valid. NFTAs have a very bad influence on a contact database and, therefore, it is vital to identify them and to manage them efficiently so as to improve the statistics of one's emails.

The benefits of good NFTA management in one's email campaign

Good NFTA management is very important in professional emailing so as to perfect the deliverability and "the hygiene" of one's address file, to reduce the receiving servers' load, to improve one's statistics and above to no longer waste money on the sending of newsletters that will be neither opened nor read.

For those various reasons, Mailpro offers all its users automated NFTA management so that they may identify and delete NFTAs without needing to synchronise their address databases. As the software enables its users to monitor the NFTA rate of a database, it can assess the evolution of its quality.

MailPro and automatic NFTA management

MailPro makes the difference between two types of NFTA :

  • The hard NFTAs, which correspond to the addresses that don't exist any longer and require no additional attempts : they are removed from the address file, transferred to the bad mail book and associated to the error notification that was encountered. Then, it becomes possible to export the NFTA database to an Excel file in CSV format.

  • The soft NFTAs, the addresses of which refer to a temporary problem error message (a full mail box or a server problem, for example). Mailpro won't delete them but will try to make other sendings within 48 hours to deliver the message.


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