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Attaching Excel files to one's emails

How to attach Excel files on Mailpro

Transmitting numerical data in an email

Sometimes, the information that an advertiser wants to deliver to his prospects in his newsletter is not textual. It may contain figures, statistics and graphs. Some data can be more interesting to send as Excel files attached to an email rather than as PDF or Word documents.

Presenting Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that was created at the beginning of the nineteen-eighties and that keeps a mainly dominant position over its competitors, whether with companies or individuals. It contains features involving numerical calculation, data analysis and graphic representation and it proves to be the ideal tool to deal with figures.

Why it is useful to attach an Excel file to an email

There are two fields in which attaching an Excel file to one's newsletter proves to be a good solution :

  • First, to provide one's prospects with an automatic quote calculator. By inserting their whole catalogues of products and of prices in an Excel file, some companies will be able to suggest Internet users to do their cost estimates themselves by filling in the right cells of a spreadsheet while the software makes the corresponding calculations itself to generate a price.

  • Second, to send graphs, statistics, summaries or calculation systems. Most of the time, it will be better to send this information in PDF format to have a more pleasant presentation and an easy locking of the data contained in the document. Yet, in some conditions, it can be interesting to provide a more interactive document with figures that can be changed by Internet users : for example, let's imagine a diet firm that offers its prospects an Excel file enabling them to select foods that they ate at various periods of the day and to view a real time evolution curve of the corresponding calories.

Just like Word files, the Excel format can also be useful as attachments in the internal newsletters of a company that wants to send numerical data to the whole staff.

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