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Adding a PDF file

The reasons to add attached PDF files to one's emails

A document compatible with all materials, ideal to insert in one's newsletter

Many newsletters choose to insert attached PDF files to their content. This type of document enables advertisers to make sure that their prospects can read their emails, but also enables them to send additional information with these emails.

Why choose the PDF format for one's emailing campaign ?

There are many compatibility issues during the sending of an email : operating systems, browsers, mail clients … Besides, prospects use many different kinds of hardware to read their messages. Adobe invented the PDF format with the sole purpose of avoiding any difficulty that might arise when trying to have their information read on so many different materials.

As they can be opened on any system (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, Android, etc.), PDF files are small-sized thanks to a method of compression of characters and images, and they include XML files, which are universal, too.

They have another advantage : they prove to be impossible to change, as they can be partly or entirely locked by their creators. An advertiser may send documents that he wants to keep unchanged.

Why it is useful for an advertiser to attach a PDF file to his newsletter ?

In concrete terms, the PDF format can have two different purposes for an advertiser :

  • As security files : if the Internet user has difficulties displaying the email, he can click on the provided link to download or view the PDF version hosted by Mailpro. As this format is readable by all systems, in this way, he makes sure that all his prospects will be able to access the content of his messages, whether there are compatibility issues or not.

  • As files that offer additional information. An efficient newsletter needs to be short and concise, to go straight to the point, but also to have a minimal memory size to be quickly downloaded and displayed by Internet users. Providing an attached PDF file enables you to give your prospects additional information. For example, it can be an instruction manual, a sales brochure, a catalogue of products or any other document that is too big to fit in the newsletter format.


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