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Emailing : Attaching a Word file

The various reasons to attach a Word file to one's emails

Inserting a text document in one's newsletter so that it remains attractive

Sometimes, it is difficult for an advertiser to remain short and concise in his newsletter. Although he has got a lot of textual information to share, he can't risk burdening his email uselessly and discouraging his prospects from reading it. To solve this problem, he can insert an attached Word file in his message. .

Presenting the Word file

Word is a word-processing software published by Microsoft, the first version of which was released in 1983. Dominating the market, the .doc format established itself as a reference for written computer documents. Attached to a newsletter, it can enable you to communicate all kinds of information that had turned out to be too big to be contained as text and images in an email. The users who haven't got Word can use the free “Word Viewer” software, which makes the .doc format accessible without the Office suite.

The various uses of a Word file attached to an email

A Word file can have many uses in an emailing campaign, depending on the type of firm for which the advertiser works.

A form to fill in and to return is the ideal example of a useful Word document. Although the newsletter communicates information to prospects, it does not enable them to answer directly or to give their opinions. If you attach a file that can be filled in, Internet users will be able download it, fill it in and send it back.

An email needs to remain short and to the point, to avoid overlong texts. However, the advertiser may sometimes need to insert a lot of information in his message, such as the rules of a competition or some technical documents that explain some topics mentioned in the content of the newsletter into greater depth. A Word document attached to the message enables you to make a difference between the essential information of the newsletter and the deeper details of the attachment.

As a conclusion, Word files are also very much appreciated in the internal newsletters of companies because they help transmitting large quantities of information to the whole staff.


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