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Creating a newsletter

The importance of structure and of formatting

The importance of correctly formatting the content of one's newsletter during its creation

When you have decided to focus your communication on an  email campaign  and when you have reflected on the content of your first newsletter, it is time for you to start creating it. To create a customised email, Mailpro offers advertisers many tools that will enable them to elaborate the  structure  of their email-to-be stage by stage before they insert their information.

Some general advice regarding the creation of the structure of a newsletter

  • You need to learn about the operating systems, the Internet browsers and the mail clients used by the prospects in order to consequently adapt the size of your email, particularly for smartphone users. The statistical tools offered by Mailpro enable you to get this information from an address book.

  • You must if possible reduce the memory size of the newsletter to 200 KB so as to get an immediate display by all prospects and to go through the anti-spam filters more easily.

  • Create a “spare” link that will enable users with displaying issues to go and read the newsletter directly on the advertiser's website.

  • Find theright balancebetween the various components. The positioning of each block, the colours and fonts that were chosen, the size of the message, each element proves to be essential. Mailpro offers many email templates and frameworks so that you can draw inspiration from the formatting of successful newsletters.

  • Testing the created newsletter by sending it on several mail clients and by making sure that it is perfectly compatible and easy to read.

How to create a newsletter

To  create  the structure of the newsletter, the advertiser can either program it himself if he has some mastery of HTML or use a Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor, which will be more intuitive and easier to use. Mailpro offers these two solutions simultaneously in order to satisfy all users and also offers the possibility to switch from the one to the other to reach optimal efficiency.

Image display

One of the major obstacles encountered by advertisers in newsletter creation is being sure that the  images  comprised in their emails display correctly with their prospects' email clients. There are a few things to know to make sure that the whole content of one's message gets displayed correctly.

Inserting an attachment

Sometimes, HTML code is not the fittest way to send some sorts of information to one's prospects. Then, in one's email, it becomes interesting to insert links towards some  files  that Internet users can download.

Newsletter templates

Whether by lack of time or of inspiration, an advertiser may prefer not to start from scratch when creating a newsletter, but rather to draw inspiration from  professional templates. For this reason, Mailpro offers more than 500 templates adapted to lots of themes enabling you to make email formatting easier.

The automatic newsletter generator

Mailpro offers all his users an  automatic  newsletter generator. Thanks to its wysiwyg editor, its intuitive interface, its many emailing templates and its many help and guiding tools, you can create your professional newsletter in record time.


Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits