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The NFTA (Not found at this address) rate

Testifies to the quality of an emailing file

"Bad mails", their negative influence on newsletter statistics

"NFTA" is an acronym that means "not found at this address". They are also named "bad mails" and their rate represents the percentage of addresses that no longer correspond to the Internet users that one wishes to contact. It is an important statistic to assess the quality of the address file that you use and to measure the deliverability of your emails and newsletters

The impact of NFTAs on an emailing campaign

NFTAs have a very negative impact on all email statistics, whether the opening rate, the click-through rate or else the ROI : each non-deliverable address represents an economic loss. Consequently, managing and cleaning NFTAs to have the lowest possible rate proves to be very important in emailing, whether to improve the quality of the address file or to avoid overloading receiving servers and to optimise one's ROI.

The tools offered by MailPro to reduce one's NFTA rate

In addition to computing the NFTA rate of your emailing campaign, MailPro treats these bad mails differently depending on the error that it encounters :

  • The hard bounces : the addresses don't exist any longer or are wrongly spelt, which means that they have become useless and are automatically withdrawn from the address book. Nevertheless, they are stored in the NFTA list, which the administrator can view at any time to know their identities, their unsubscription dates and the corresponding error messages.

  • The soft bounces and the automatic replies (auto-reply) : the address sends back a temporary problem error message (a full mail box, for example), in which case MailProwill tryto make other sendings within 48 hours to deliver the message. After this deadline, the address won't receive the email any longer but will remain in the emailing file.


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