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The unsubscription rate

To measure the interest generated by the emailing campaign

Studying the unsubscription rate from a newsletter

To know the evolution of the interest generated by an emailing campaign, the unsubscription rate is a relevant statistic. This percentage of unsubscribers is an efficient indicator that helps you to improve your communication and enables you to assess, message after message, the right balance between the targeted Internet users and the content and the frequency of a newsletter.

Knowing the evolution of the unsubscription rate to improve one's emailing campaign

The unsubscription rate represents the percentage of Internet users who decided to no longer receive the emails of a newsletter compared with the number of messages that are delivered during an emailing campaign. It largely depends on the broadcasting frequency : low frequency newsletters usually have a bigger number of unsubscriptions.

The smaller this statistic, the more your targets can be considered as reliable and acquired. On the other hand, a high percentage can indicate several problems, like an excessively strong pressure on your contacts or else a bad targeting of the campaign. The average unsubscription rate for a weekly newsletter is about 0,5 %.

The MailPro tools that are related to unsubscription

Mailpro counts up each unsubscription performed by addressees and offers a tracking of their percentage as emails get sent. This relative analysis of this rate enables you to identify which type of content was deemed more or less interesting than other types. Thus, it is easier to create emails that fit Internet users better.

Moreover, the software automatically manages unsubscriptions. With each newsletter creation, Mailpro adds an unsubscription link at the end of the message and removes the involved individuals from the address book of the emailing campaign. Their user names are transferred to another list, which the administrator can view at any time.


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