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Making a successful newsletter sending

A successful newsletter sending means sending a both deliverable and profitable email

The messages of a newsletter must be based on a segmented and opt-in campaign

As the other forms of emailing, newsletter sending enables you to reach prospects easily and cheaply. Nevertheless, it is important to give priority to quality over quantity so as to reach lasting and profitable commercial results. This move particularly requires to avoid being considered as a "spammer" and having one's campaign "blacklisted". It will also use the data collected during registration at the newsletter to create customised messages with an optimised ROI.

Newsletter emailing, a sending covered by the law

Since newsletters use the contacts' email addresses, which are considered as private data by mostlegislations, you need to abide by the main legal rules before even sending messages. You can only do this with addressees who have explicitly and previously accepted to receive the sender's campaigns. Transgressing this regulation means that your emails would be very quickly "blacklisted", considered as "spam" by ISPs, and that the sending company would have to endure a lasting slur on its reputation.

Newsletter emailing, a sending of optimised messages

The strength of email marketing is based on the balance between the commercial promise of the message and the addressees' expectations. Consequently, even before beginning to write the newsletter, you need to qualify the contact database and to divide it into homogeneous populations, using socio-demographic or behavioural data. Then, it will become possible to create differentiated and carefully customised messages, the attractive content of which will strengthen the conversion rate of the sending and, by extension, its profitability.

Abiding by the legislation on spam, a necessity for newsletter sending

Although the web gives the impression of being a wild place, many legislations are present there, particularly to regulate the access to mail boxes. How can you cross the restriction jungle without endangering your deliverability ?

Some advice to avoid having your emailing campaigns blacklisted

In a web strategy based on emailing, blacklisting is the bête noirethat you must absolutely avoid. To do that, you must prove that you do good work and avoid the obvious errors of emailing.

Calculating the return on investment of an email campaign, a necessity

The ROI, or return on investment is a constant calculation in the professional domain. It consists in assessing a move on what it will enable the entrepreneur to earn. How can you estimate the ROI of an email campaign ?

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