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10 simple tips to make your professional emailing more efficient

Some tricks to create powerful commercial messages

Achieving effective professional emailing, especially in terms of deliverability and opening rates, is not a trivial undertaking. Follow the  advice  and the tips outlined below, which deal with technical elements such as message formatting and assures that you overcome with the most common difficulties. The sender thus has a  step-by-step guide  to create effective marketing campaigns.


The golden rules of emailing


An opt-in-based email (customer acceptance agreement)

Le respect des réglementations sur la vie privée est essentiel, notamment en n'adressant de messages qu'aux destinataires qui l'ont sollicité explicitement.


A qualified mailing

The segmentation of the base of prospects remains an unavoidable advice, in order to optimize the commercial message to meet the expectations of the target.


A transparent emailing

The success of a campaign depends largely on the easy identification of the sender and the clarity of the subject of the message.


A personalized message

In order to humanize the customer relationship and to create a climate of trust, addressing the recipient by his or her first name or his or her name proves to be effective.


A meticulous message

An enticing vocabulary, far removed from the lexicon of spam, a quality graphic layout and an obvious call-to-action represent essential elements of the message.


A previously tested mailing

An advice often neglected. The display of messages and the fight against spam may differ according to the ISP, requiring corrections before the final mailing.


A controlled sending frequency

The issuer should not ask the prospect too much, as he or she would run the risk of a disastrous classification of the messages as spam. One shipment per week maintains a sufficient exchange.


A message facilitating virality

Placing in the message links to the different social media networks of the sender allows to enjoy the viral communication of the recipients.


Responsive emailing

The analysis of the campaign is a necessity in order to determine the most effective mailings. It can be complemented by a "tracking" of prospects.


A universal message

The Internet is becoming increasingly mobile. The issuer must ensure that his or her messages are correctly displayed on this medium.


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