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Training videos

Mailpro guides you with its free online training videos

Learn how to use our interface with some educational demonstrations

Using the Mailpro interface is easy and intuitive, and we invite you to familiarize yourself with its functionalities thanks to short training videos. In the form of demonstrations, with simple screenshots, you will discover how to use all the functions of our site for a successful emailing campaign.


Provide training to our customers in just a few clicks

We have given special attention to the development of the Mailpro interface. Although all the elements are placed with maximum ergonomics, allowing to go from one stage to another with logic and simplicity, we wanted to show you via video how each action takes place.

Thus, ourtraining videos will explain how to use the email management interface, and especially the various options available to discover.

Same thing for the message creation interface. It's more about showing you the technical possibilities available than just explaining how to do it, which is why we did not put any voice overs on our videos.


Each step of using Mailpro, in videos

A total of fourteen videos for an overview of our interface. Six videos will be devoted to the management of addresses with the most frequent requests: How to add an address book, modify it, add an address, manage addresses, export an address book or manage unsubscriptions.

For messages, you'll discover in seconds how to write from a template, add an image or attachment and finish customizing your message.

The last two videos will show you how to send the prepared message to your address book and view the statistics or how to prepare an automatic email for your customers' birthdays.

Videos last an average of 1-2 minutes. You can watch themall here .


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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits