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Advanced features for your newsletters. Mailpro™ has advanced tools that will delight users, several ways to create your newsletters, Anti-Spam tests before sending, powerful statistics with geolocation, test Mailpro™!

Creation of newsletter

We have developed an application that will allow you to create newsletters easily by choosing blocks of contents, for example,

Watch the videos to see newsletter creator in action! You can also use the " HTML editor or import files with your ready newsletters, or personalize your newsletters thanks to dynamic fields then test it with our anti-spam .

Graphics and Newsletter Templates   

With Mailpro, you can choose to use our newsletter template creator according to your language and your theme ('Happy New Year' for example). The template can then be edited using our newsletter creator which is a suitable tool for people with no coding knowledge. You will also be able to easily create buttons and social media buttons .

Connect Mailpro to your site and DNS 

In order to retrieve email addresses, it may be worthwhile to link a registration form to your newsletter. There are four possibilities:

Linking with your other applications and websites will save you a lot of future synchronization problems.

Automatic Emails

Automate your communications for a better customer experience. For example, you can create welcome emails for your newsletter subscriptions (autoresponder), send some automatic birthday emails or send an email 10 days after an action or after clicking on the link of your last newsletter, for example. Use our sample templates to help you create your automatic emails! !

Statistics of your campaign

Evaluate the success of your emailing campaigns and automatic emails! You have general statistics for this that allow you to have a comprehensive vision and also detailed statistics for specific campaigns or for types of automatic mails. These statistics include the following details:

Thanks to our statistics, you can improve the quality of your newsletters and better know your customers and prospects. You can also simply send an email to the non-open, export your statistics or generate a report in PDF format.

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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits