Import of email address book

Automatic management of duplicates and badmails

Import of email address report

When you import an email address book in Mailpro™, our email marketing solution will automatically manage invalid emails, duplicates and unsubscribes. So you don't need to maintain your address in your CRM or ERP.

Simply import your contact database for each email campaign; Mailpro ™ will automatically sort your addresses and will send you an email with a report of this import. Below is a sample import report of a 25 address book containing a double address:

Total number of inserted mail = 25
Total inserted email = 25
Total email already in the book (not imported email) = 0
Total email twice in the file (email not imported) = 1
Total email the unsubscription book (email not imported) = 0
Total email in the BadMail (email not imported) = 0
Total number of lines without email = 0
Beginning of processing 08.06.2011 15:58:37
Line: 26 Email is duplicated in the file (email not imported)
End of processing 08.06.2011 15:58:37

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