Routing sending and emailing smtp

Send your newsletters with mailpro™

Benefit from professional and quality routing

Benefits of sending with mailpro™ emailing marketing.

The advantages of routing and sending emailings with Mailpro™ are many:

  • High deliverability
  • Optimized SMTP sending servers
  • Outsourcing sending servers
  • Speedy sending
  • Delivery planning
  • Outsourcing routing servers
  • Customizing the sender's email address
  • Personalized emails with dynamic fields
  • Automatic management of bounces (bad mails)

Your newsletters will be sent from one of the largest European datacenter. By using Mailpro™ emailing software, sending your newsletters is safe, fast and secure. Best sure of the best deliverability with Mailpro™.


Routing is the concept of delivering data (eg, an email) through a network (like the Internet). The principle is simple, it's selecting a path in the network that will carry data from the sender to the recipients. With Mailpro™, the delivery of your email is secure and you are certain not to be blocked by your Internet service provider. If there is no answer from the email server of the recipient, we will resend your newsletter several times in regular intervals to ensure delivery.

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