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SMTP Relay Server

Mailpro™ offers an exceptional email delivery service

Mailpro SMTP Relay is the service that will allow you to easily integrate any system or application to send transactional emails. Don’t waste time and resources and make sure that your transactional emails reach your contact’s inbox.

Why send through Mailpro’s SMTP Relay?

  • So you don’t get blocked by your internet provider: When you try to send email from your Internet Provider, or from your Hosting Provider, it can be difficult to send large volumes while maintaining the good reputation of the IP you are using.
  • Good IP reputation: A team of experts ensures that the IPs used to send your emails are of good quality, thus preventing your messages from going to the SPAM folder
  • Easy integration: You do not need to use codes to send emails through Mailpro 's SMTP Server. All you have to do is make your email or software configuration point to our SMTP Server with the credentials given to you inside your Mailpro Account. It takes but minutes to do so.
  • Robust infrastructure: Experience amazing delivery rates thanks to our robust infrastructure, which is perfect for large sending volumes. You’ll be able to enjoy high deliverability and be able to install SPF, or DKIM, for better delivery.
  • Accurate Tracking: With the Mailpro SMTP statistics you can keep track of the performance of your mailings and see your opening rates, click rates, geolocalization amongst other stats. Analyze your Bounce Mail. Find out why exactly some of your emails were not delivered and if they were considered hard bounce or soft bounce.
  • Complete security of your data: our servers are located in Switzerland, which is synonymous with your information being protected by strict data security laws.
  • Support team when you need it: A team of multilingual professionals is available to help answer all questions and assist you with any technical problems.

Transactional email is a fundamental part of the sales process and of the relationship with customers. Ensure the delivery of your transactional emails to all your customers by using professional services to deliver your emails. 

Enjoy all of our functionalities using our SMTP Relay Service for an affordable price today.

SMTP Server Statistics

Control your transactional emails deliveries following the opening ratios, have the total number of contacts that received your message and know your best click rates with statistics for SMTP server sending.

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SMTP Email Tracking

Each email sent through an SMTP server has an SMTP mail tracking system that collects the interaction information of each recipient.

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SMTP Messages Tracking 

The tracking of messages sent through the SMTP server is the method that allows you to obtain the statistics that show you if the recipient opened your message or clicked on the link that takes you to the proof of purchase of your online store.

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SMTP Authentication

SMTP server authentication gives you the confidence that a server is not used in a malicious way. The simple and secure way by which you can configure the platforms for an SMTP server dedicated to address all transactional email activities quickly and safely.

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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits