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Legal notice - Impressum

MAXONY Group, Mailpro

Legal notices edited by MAXONY Group, publisher of Mailpro™

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Name: MAXONY Group

Host:Maxony Cloud In Geneva and Zurich.


Mailpro makes every effort to provide users with a quality service and reliable, accurate and comprehensive information. However, no explicit or implicit warranty is made on this subject. Mailpro shall, in no event, be held responsible for the use or interpretation of the information contained on its website.

List of industries excluded from Mailpro use

The use of Mailpro is strictly prohibited for the sending of spam, threats as well as for the promotion and sale of illegal products or services.

In order to guarantee the best possible desirability for our customers, we exclude sectors of activity that represent a threat to our reputation. These sectors of activity are:

  1. Profit opportunities and working at home
  2. Trading and online speculation
  3. Gambling and online casinos
  4. Pornography and sexually explicit content
  5. Escort Service
  6. Sales of pharmaceutical products
  7. Fortune telling and esoteric sciences

Mailpro excludes these areas without value judgments. The topics presented above are generally akin to spam and can affect the efficiency of the routing service.

Hypertext links

Generating hyperlinks to the site and the sites of its products is subject to prior agreement of the Director of Publication.
The hypertext links pointing to other websites from and the sites of their products can under no circumstances be the responsibility of Mailpro .


The logos on the Mailpro website are registered trademarks with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).

The content, information and texts contained in the Mailpro website are protected by the Swiss Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights (LDA) of October 9 1992.

Their extraction is exclusively reserved for strictly personal, non-collective and non-commercial use.

Any other use, diffusion, redistribution or reproduction of these photos, texts, logos and applications for a purpose other than personal and non-commercial, including on another website without a written, express and preliminary agreement of Mailpro is strictly prohibited.

Any reproduction (transfer on another medium) or use of data from the Mailpro website Is exclusively limited to the personal and private use of the users of the Internet network, excluding any distribution notably for commercial use.

Any reproduction or use, even for private purposes, of all or a substantial part of the data on the Mailpro website is strictly prohibited and subject to prosecution in accordance with the Swiss Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights ( LDA) of October9, 1992, and the international conventions in force.

Violation of these mandatory provisions subjects the offender, and all persons responsible, to the penal and civil penalties provided for in the Act.


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