Use google analytics

For your emailings with mailpro™

Enjoy even more precise statistics with google analytics

Google analytics is a free tool developed by google to analyze visits to your website.

Webmasters use this type of software "tracers" to analyze the flow of visits of a website with accurate statistics. Advertisers will also be part of the users of Google's analyzer to obtain information on the traffic generated. Indeed, it is possible to create links between a Mailpro™ emailing and Google Analytics tracking.

Google's tracer will allow you to know where a visitor originates from, but also from which emailing and even what part of it created the visit. To use this tracking, it is necessary to optimize the links in your newsletters and marketing emails.

The establishment of such a system is not complicated. When creating your emailing, simply add additional elements between tags of url links. The goal is to collect many information about the campaign that brings visits. For web programming beginners, Google offers a self-service tool to create links on the net. Here are the options to specify, note that the first three are required:

- The source of the campaign,, which is in fact the source of the link, such as the search engine. It is expressed by the "utm_source" keyword.

- The support of the campaign,for advertisers typically mailings or newsletters can be found. This option is expressed by the keyword"utm_support".

- The name of the campaign, expressed by the keyword "utm_campaign".

- The terms of the campaign, that group together under the option "utm_term" keywords describing the link.

- The content of the campaign, under "utm_content" that differentiate links that refer to the same URL.

Create your links by simply inserting the keyword followed by a = with the desired variable and separate the parameters by a &.

The easiest way is to go through Google URL creator that is free, click here to access.

With Google Analytics, it is now possible to identify the elements of an emailing that are most effective. For example, suppose that an emailing contains a promotion on a particular product. We can see in this email a photo of the product, clickable, redirecting toward the product file, as well as a title, also clickable, with the same redirect. After analyzing the web page corresponding to the product, it will be possible to see if the link of the image brought more visits than the title link.

However, be careful not to forget to consult Mailpro™ statistics. In fact, Google Analytics does not provide information about your emailing in itself, but only on the traffic generated by it. Information on opening rates, email addresses and click-through rate can be found in the Mailpro™ tracking.

Finally, Google Analytics can be an addition to Mailpro™ statistics because it allows the analysis of behavior after the click. Advanced users will also benefit from the use of variables in Mailpro ™ to optimize the parameters of Google tracking links (using fields or email).