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Program your SMS Campaigns in Advance

Save time with Mailpro scheduling your SMS

Most SMS applications don't allow you to schedule your text messages in advance. With our platform you can program your SMS sendings in advance easily and you will never forget another campaign anymore.  Schedule your text message campaign easily. All you have to do is chose your date in advance and the precise hour when you would like your SMS Campaign to be sent.  You can choose your date weeks, months or days in advance and then cancel them at any time.

We advise you to schedule your SMS Sendings in advance for you to have a better overview of your monthly or yearly strategy. You can easily review your openings afterwards with our SMS Statistics or use our SMS API to link your application to our SMS Platform.

Send your SMS and Email campaigns all from one place using Mailpro, get an annual subscription and try our SMS Platform today.

Check our Bulk SMS prices and start complementing your email marketing campaigns now.  With Mailpro, your marketing possibilities are endless.

We have more than 20 years of experience and thousands of happy customers worldwide.

Check our FAQ section about How to schedule your SMS.  

Schedule your SMS Campaign in advance and save time

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