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SMTP Relay Server

SMTP Relay Server

Whenever you try to send email from your hosting provider, it is difficult to send large volumes of email, while maintaining the IPs’ good reputation. Here’s how Mailpro’s SMTP Relay can help.

Mailpro’s SMTP Server allows you to integrate any application to send transactional emails.

We have a robust structure in Switzerland, which is ideal for sending large volumes of email, making sure your emails get delivered in no time. Moreover, we use IPs’ with a good reputation so that your emails don’t end in the spam folder. 

No coding is required for integration. You need to ensure that your email points to the SMTP server with the credentials given to you in your Mailpro account. Further, with Mailpro SMTP statistics, you can check open, click, unsubscription rates, and analyze the reason behind the email bounced.

Secure Data by Law

Encrypted Links

We encrypt all the links to make sure that all your customer information is safe, and no one has access to it. You can easily share the details such as insurance number, policy details, and more, knowing that only receiver will get that data.

Secure Data by Law
Ensure Email Delivery

Track Email Marketing Statistics

Whether you are launching an email campaign or sending out a newsletter, measure their effectiveness with the Mailpro’s statistical measurement tools. These tools allow you to discover strengths and weaknesses of the campaign and provide you access to all the main metrics of email marketing, including open rate, click-through rate, geolocation, top clicks, percentage of clicks, and behavior of openings. You can also analyze the bounce rate and identify whether it was a hard bounce or soft bounce.

Ask for more details about our Dedicated Email Solutions for Insurance Companies.

Encrypted Links for your newsletters

Data Secured in Switzerland Data Centers

If there is a breach in your data security, your clients will not take your services and might not trust your insurance policies as well.

With our data centers are located in Switzerland (a country known for strong legal system, privacy laws, low inflation, and high economic stability), we ensure complete security of your data. You can be sure that your customer’s information will not be shared with anyone.

Encrypted Links for your newsletters
Track your Subscribers engagement

High Delivery Rate

We not only send send emails; we ensure that they get delivered fast.

Mailpro has the ability to send 97% of the emails for marketing in just one hour. A team always controls the robust structure of its servers, thus making sure that you or your customer base never miss an update. 

So whether you need to send a thousand emails per day or million, our infrastructure can cater to all your requirements. Here are some other tips that will help you to pass anti-spam and deliver your emails better.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

We take guarantee of all the security issues and take full responsibility to resolve them. With our Service Level Agreement, we provide help in two levels, first and second, with the response time frame of 4h and 8h, respectively. 

During the first contact, we offer phone, email, and chat support in several languages. After the first contact, we get in touch with the IT network team for deliverability issues and legal team for law issues. And, if you want an answer from our legal team, the response time is just 5 days.

Along with providing best services, we make sure that downtime is as little as possible. 

Service Level Agreement

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