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Question : Do you provide lists of email addresses?

No, we do not provide listings of email addresses. The client collects and manages their contact lists independently. Buying or renting listings of email addresses can not only be very expensive but also risky.

We suggest you to read the article “Database rental, where do we stand?”

The collection of email addresses for advertisers is sometimes an overlooked step. Indeed, some prefer to rent or buy an already prepared file due to lack of time, and start their emailing campaign right away. As explained in other articles, the lease can be dangerous and can belong to an unscrupulous lessor.

So what is the current strategy?

The advertisers have more or less realized the risks they were facing by leasing contact files. Indeed, rental numbers are declining. Moreover the current economic strategies of the companies are more oriented towards cost reduction, so renting comes second.  The companies that lack the time for emails collecting process and the financing for lease refocus their emailing strategy on customer loyalty and leave the prospecting on pending mode. 

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