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8 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Marketing Software for your Business

Choosing the ideal email marketing software to manage your campaigns for sending emails, is a subject that needs a little research and that you take into account some requirements that are essential when making the best choice.

The tool that you decide to work with can make all the difference in your deliveries, determining which emails arrive at their destination and which go directly to the spam folder.

What elements should be taken into account when choosing the ideal email marketing platform?

You are determined to create that campaign for next summer that will fill your client in about everything new and different about your product or service, and it is time to think about the email marketing tool that suits your needs.

For this you must take into account some features that are important in deciding which software best suits your needs:

Proven deliverability: This is one of the most important factors when thinking about an emailing application. It is very useful that you have the most exclusive templates, with the lowest cost, but it is still possible that your messages arrive in your recipient's junk mail. A professional platform like Mailpro, ensures the delivery of your emails, as we are always aware of the reputation of our IPs and since we maintain strict zero Spam policies that are supported by a robust infrastructure in Switzerland which ensures that each email arrives at its destination. Our specialty is delivering emails, so our team is focused on guiding you through each step process from installing the SFP, DKIM, DMARC protocols and ensuring up to the moment that you click to send, that your messages do not go directly to Spam.

Technical support: Even though it is the simplest email marketing software, you still have to make the most of it and will most likely need help in doing so. That is why it is important to have a customer service and support team that can help clear all your doubts and resolve any issues  you may have with the application. We have online technical support in all the main languages ​​ which you can contact through email, live chat or by calling us. In addition, we have material that will help you obtain the most appropriate information.

Language: If a version in your language doesn’t exist, it will be very difficult to take full advantage of the  application . Our platform is translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German,  taking our clients utmost convenience into mind.

Simplicity and usability: An emailing tool should be easy to use and take into account all types of users , so the usability of the platform should be a key element to consider. An application like Mailpro uses a WYSIWYG editor, where you can create your bulletins or newsletters from scratch, the way you want, thanks to the different functions that allow you to easily add images, custom fields, texts, tables and more. And if you seek to be practical and create attractive designs, you should consider an application that offers many templates. In our platform, you can find more than 560 responsive and customizable templates that can be delivered to all types of mobile devices.

If you have a communication agency, you can find a model that suits every event, product or service you need. Create an account and do the test.

Cost: the price will always be a factor to consider and for many, is the main element when choosing. The price should be subject to the budget and resources that are available, and a large part of the tools have very similar prices. At Mailpro, we offer monthly rates, where you will have access to all the advanced functions and also the prepayment option where you will only pay for the amount of emails sent.

Quality of statistics: One of the great advantages of email marketing is the ability to measure each of the campaigns in real time. Once your campaign is sent, it is very important that you dedicate time to follow up your metrics including how many people opened your emails, which link was most clicked, how many soft bounces or hard bounces you have had, and from which country your message has been opened. All this data should be displayed automatically, for this reason it is essential that the platform you choose can show the largest possible number of data in a graphical and simple way.

In our application, we present statistics for each campaign, as well as detailed analysis of clicks, openings, comparison of current and past campaigns, and the option to have your results handy with a detailed White Label report that you can customize with customer data; a very useful option if you are part of a communication agency.

Website integration: it is common for email marketing software to be able to relate to ecommerce platforms, CMS or forms for lists of records. Our Mailpro Plug-in can be easily downloaded and installed on your website to synchronize your clients. In a single click, you can export your clients to the Mailpro address book and simplify your tasks. From our platform we offer you two possibilities, using Plugins such as PrestaShop, WordPress, Magento or Joomla. The second and most common is to connect through our mail-in API. This solution is the most stable and efficient.

Comply with rules and laws: data privacy is a subject that can cost thousands of dollars to your company. When choosing an email marketing solution it is extremely important that this platform can protect your data and that of your customers. Our data center in Switzerland is covered by the Federal Data Protection of Switzerland of 1992, and ensures that all data stored in Switzerland is protected, and that nobody can request your data, whether physical or digital, and prohibits any unauthorized access to it. We also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which gives people the right to protect and control their personal data.

Keep these tips in mind and analyze them thoroughly, to decide what email marketing software best suits your needs.

In Mailpro we offer you:

  • 95% deliverability rate ensuring that your emails reach their destination
  • Tutorials, articles, technical support and all the free advice to make your email marketing campaigns successful. All this help is available in 6 languages
  • Easy segmentation of contact lists and personalization of your emails through dynamic fields.
  • Possibility of personalizing your design with your logo and colors, as well as adding it to your automatic emails, forms and white label statistics report.
  • Hundreds of templates for fully customizable newsletter designs
  • Automatic Emails for your welcome messages
  • Protected data in our data center in Switzerland

And many other benefits.

Meet the email marketing software for everyone, Mailpro. Take the test and receive 500 free credits for your first delivery.


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