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Did you know that text messages have an opening rate of 98%? This is enough reason to give SMS campaigns a try!

Mailpro has integrated a new SMS Platform so that you can send and manage your SMS campaigns all from one place and engage with your customer’s in several countries worldwide, instantly!

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to send text messages from a phone? You can do it from inside our platform, just using the internet.  Our platform will ensure that you can send your mass text messages ensuring that you don’t encounter the technical difficulties which you might encounter when sending traditional texts.

With the new SMS functionality of Mailpro you are able to easily upload your subscriber's list, personalize your text messages, schedule and send your text messages campaigns to then study the result with our SMS statistics.

You can send SMS campaigns and complement your email marketing to have better results.

Our SMS Platform lets you send up to 160 Characters.

We have very competitive SMS Bulk Prices for you to start complementing your Email Marketing Campaign.

SMS Scheduling

Most SMS applications don't allow you to schedule your text messages in advance. With our platform you can program your SMS sendings in advance easily and you will never forget another campaign anymore.

Read on scheduling SMS ⟶

Automatic SMS

Automatic SMS allow you to send messages on a regular bases, for example, monthly, weekly, yearly. This can make life easier for your audience and for yourself.

More on automatic SMS ⟶

Personalize your SMS 

Did you know that personalizing your SMS leads to higher conversion rates, and it helps build a more passionate audience? Engage with your audience by sending them the right message.

More about personalized SMS ⟶

SMS Statistics

You can study your campaigns to better understand the result of your campaign, with our SMS Statistics you can analyze and monitor with graphic information about who received and who didn't receive your SMS.

Read about SMS stats ⟶

Send SMS by Email 

This functionality is often used by business owners who work with a software which sends automatic emails. For example, if you have a business and your software sends automatic emails for appointment reminders. We will convert those emails into SMS so that your customers receive SMS.

SMS by email details ⟶

Connect to our SMS API

Link your applications to our text message/SMS platform easily. You just have to create an account and you will find the required API documents inside. The API SMS Key can be requested by writing an email to our support team.

Using the SMS API ⟶

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