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A prominent Internet advertising method, email marketing offers several opportunities for communication. A frequent medium for marketing operations, newsletter sending has got many advantages, including its simplicity, the delivery speed, the low cost, the possibility ofcreationand innovation, the ease in loyalty-building, etc. The creation of an email campaign is composed of several stages and the Mailpro software guides advertisers through each of those.

Mailpro and email campaigns

From the setting up of an address book to the study of the statistics that result from an advertiser's first sendings, Mailpro is the ideal software that guides you through all the stages of your email campaign.

Compatible with any type ofhardware, Mailpro offers a customisable contact database of unlimited size, file importation and file exportation that can be effected in a few clicks and automated NFTA, duplicate and unsubscription management. As far as newsletter creation is concerned, two editors are provided (HTML and Wysiwyg) with hundreds of ready-to-use templates. Besides, the software enables you to send up to 10 000 mails per minute, to host many attachments and above all to view several statistics so as to assess the level of achievement of a campaign and to collect information on one's prospects.

Even more than these tools, Mailpro freely provides its users with a complete guide on email marketing, training videos and a FAQ in order to guide its users through the whole creation and broadcasting process of their communication operations.

Email statistics

When the first newsletters have been sent, the most important thing is to get figures on the level of achievement of one's campaign to identify one's strong points and one's weak points. Mailpro offers advertisers two types of statistics. The first type includes the opening rate, the click-through rate, the reactivity rate or even the NFTA rate, that enable you to assess the quality of the campaign. The second type offers information on the hardware used by the prospects and their geolocation so that you can best adapt the emails you will send later by customising them.

Newsletter creation

Mailpro offers two solutions to create a newsletter. The first one is an HTML editor that enables HTML-conversant users to create customised emails. The second one is an easier-to-use Wysiwyg editor based on the drag-and-drop principle. Finally, for the advertisers who want to save time, Mailpro also offers ready-to-use newsletter frameworks and templates.

Contact databases

An email campaign becomes useless if the advertiser hasn't got a solid contact database to send his newsletters to. All by himself or by renting customer files, he needs to make himself a directory that will contain the email addresses of many consenting Internet users but also other information on them such as their surnames, their first names, their professions, etc.Then, as he receives messages from them, he will have to regularly maintain his address book to optimise its deliverability by importing new contacts and by withdrawing bad mails and duplicates.

Email addresses

Les Email addresses are the vital elements that a contact database contains and that enable the advertiser to send his newsletters to the Internet users. To each newsletter, the advertiser must associate other information on the addressees thanks to the customisable fields offered by Mailpro in order to create newsletters that automatically adapt to their targets. The software will also ensure an easier management of unsubscriptions.

Newsletter sending

Sending a newsletter to several thousands or millions of Internet users requires a competent and efficient service. Mailpro enables advertisers to schedule their sendings in advance so as to reach a maximum of 10 000 mailings per minute.

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