These are opinions off customers surveyed in June 2022. Every year, we carry out a customer survey as we put it in place in 2005 with the ISO9001 standard. The idea for us being to constantly improve the weak points of our solutions and to evolve with our customers.

What they say about us:

Ease of use of the interface: 9.3/10
Email deliverability: 9.6 / 10
SMS deliverability: 9,8 / 10
Availability of services: 9.9/10
Customer Support: 8,7/10
Technical support (API, SMTP): 9.5/10

Some of our customer´s testimonials:

Title: Highly Performant Tool
Rating: Our association has been working with Mailpro for many years, and we are extremely satisfied with their services. Whether it's technical support or customer service, our contacts have always shown exemplary responsiveness and remarkable professionalism in handling our requests. What's more, Mailpro is a high-performance tool!
Stéphane A.
Customer Since 2011

Title: Streamlined Email Delivery with Mailpro's SMTP Service
Rating: I recently integrated Mailpro's SMTP service into my email infrastructure, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their SMTP solution has significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of my email delivery process.
Setting up Mailpro's SMTP service was a very easy. The documentation provided clear instructions, and their support team was readily available to assist me whenever I had any questions or concerns. Within no time, I had my SMTP credentials configured and was ready to start sending emails.
One of the standout features of Mailpro's SMTP service is its excellent deliverability. Since switching to their SMTP servers, I have noticed a significant decrease in bounced emails and an increase in successful deliveries. This has had a positive impact on my overall email marketing strategy and engagement rates.
Robert S.
Customer since 2022

Title: Exceptional Customer Service Experience at Mailpro
Rating: I would like to express my utmost satisfaction with the customer service provided by Mailpro. From the very beginning of my journey with their platform, I have received nothing short of exceptional support and assistance.
Mailpro's customer service team is truly outstanding. They are not only knowledgeable and professional but also genuinely dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Every time I've reached out to them with questions or concerns, they have promptly responded with helpful and relevant information, going above and beyond to address my needs.
Margie F.
Customer Since 2022

Title: Finally Escaping the SPAM Folder - Mailpro Works Wonders!
Rating: I am thrilled to share my incredible experience with Mailpro and how it helped me overcome the frustrating hurdle of emails consistently landing in the SPAM folder. Since adopting Mailpro, my emails now reach the intended recipients' inboxes reliably, and it has been a game-changer for my business.
Before using Mailpro, I constantly struggled with the issue of emails being flagged as SPAM. It was disheartening to invest time and effort into crafting engaging content, only to have it go unnoticed due to poor deliverability. However, Mailpro's robust infrastructure have completely transformed my email marketing campaigns.
Armando G.
Customer Since 2022

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