What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives individuals the right to protect and control their personal data. In essence, GDPR puts more importance upon user consent and gives new rights to users. For more information, click here

How will Mailpro Help you Comply with GDPR?

There are several rights your subscribers will have starting on May 25th 2018. For each new right, we have developed a tool to help you comply with GDPR using Mailpro

To know where you get subscribers’ CONSENT:
Starting May 25th it is imperative that you keep a record of where you obtain your subscribers’ email addresses. To help you get proof of consent, Mailpro will add a clickable box in the Newsletter subscription form that will allow your subscriber to click to acknowledge proof of consent. After this we will send an email that will have to be validated by your subscribers. (DOUBLE OPT IN). We will store this information for you in your address book in fields 24 and 25. Note that you should not send emails to people who haven’t directly provided proof of consent or it will directly affect you as you the responsible party. If you do not use Mailpro Forms, then make sure you have records of consent for each one of your addresses, not just new ones.

To know who is sending the email and to modify, delete and download their data: 
At the bottom of every newsletter you send a link will be added next to the unsubscribe link called “My Data”. Here the receiver will see all of the information you have about them in your address book, and will be able to download, modify, or delete all data. If the receiver wishes to see who is sending the email, they will have access to this information by clicking on Sender Contact inside My Data. This link will give the receiver your information as the sender.

Right to be forgotten:
At the bottom of every newsletter you send using Mailpro is a link to Unsubscription, which provides every customer with the option of unsubscribing to the newsletters you send. This is a very important right that we implemented many years ago. Don’t forget to keep this information in case you delete unsubscribers’ information, and re-import a new address book.

You need to delete this private data in other areas outside of Mailpro.

Important notice:GDPR Compliance won’t only impact the delivery of newsletters, but Mailpro can only help you regarding compliance using our platform and newsletters. Please contact a lawyer for further questions regarding compliance.

How will Mailpro Manage your Private Data?

We have created a new set of privacy policies that provide explanations regarding how we collect your data and what we do with your data

Right to be forgotten You will be able to delete your data and account by clicking on your account information on Mailpro

Data Portability: You can download all your data, newsletters, addressbooks and statistics instantly on Mailpro.

Right of rectification: You can modify your personal information in My Account in Mailpro

Right to know where we get your information: Using your IP address and date-time we keep track of when you accepted our general terms and conditions. You can find this information in your Mailpro Account

To acknowledge our new Privacy Policies, you will be asked to validate our new Legal Agreements the next time you login to your Mailpro Account starting from May 25th 2018

At Mailpro it is of our utmost concern to guarantee the integrity and privacy of our customers and the data they entrust in us to store for them.

If you have any questions, contact us or read our legal documents.

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