Know the strengths and weaknesses of your newsletter, monitoring the evolution and success of the statistics of your email marketing campaigns. Optimize the results and increase your delivery, taking control of the data analytics in your newsletter reports with the measurement tools offered by Mailpro. From our platform you can have a simple and quick overview of the main email marketing metrics of your emails, as well as verify in detail the statistical analysis of each specific campaign.

statistics of your email marketing campaigns

Know each one of the functionalities of this tool

  1. Key statistics to analyze your campaigns

    By accessing from our platform, you will be able to simply know and interpret the basic statistics that will allow you to know the quality of your campaigns to adapt the design and content of your message and thus increase its effectiveness, among others.

    • Opening rate: indicates the proportion of recipients who took into account the name of the sender, the subject of your message and then decided to click on the email to discover its contents.
    • Click rate: it evaluates the percentage of prospects that opened the email and then clicked on one of the links that were included in it.
    • Reactivity rate: lets you know what percentage of Internet users were interested in the email after reading it. It is a vital statistic to evaluate the quality of the content of the email
    • Subscription cancellation rate: important statistics that evaluate the reliability and loyalty of your prospects, will help you
  2. Know the exact location of your recipients

    Geolocate your subscribers in our interactive map, where you will know the country or city in which each recipient is subscribed to your newsletter. With this information you will have very comprehensive data to have a better understanding of the behavior of your subscribers, which gives you the possibility to personalize your messages much further. The geolocation statistic information of your emails will allow you to personalize your newsletters and adapt them to users by sending specific messages to the region where they are located. You will know the geographical position segmented by country, city of destination and you can find the location of your openings on the map. All this information is contrasted and provided by the ISPs, based on the IP addresses of the recipients.

  3. Detect the operating system that opens your messages

    Overcome the obstacles related to the compatibility between hardware by knowing the operating systems used by your readers, their browsers or even email software used to open your newsletter as well as knowing the reading habits of your subscribers that will tell you if your emails are opened more on mobile devices or PC. An accurate pie chart will show you a statistical newsletter report with campaign metrics and email opening numbers by email software, so you will know if your email was opened from Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. and if it arrived on iOS mobile operating systems - Android or Windows, Unix and MacOS. Complementing these numbers with the basic statistical data of your campaigns will help you plan marketing strategies focused on the reading habits of your subscribers.

  4. Register your Top Clicks

    Control the interaction of each of your clients with your newsletter by registering the Top Clicks, a specific summary of the URLs with the most interaction of each of your campaigns. This is another advantage of the analysis of real-time statistics of campaigns with Mailpro, a special recount of the click rate that have received the links that have most attracted attention to the subscribers of your newsletter. This will show you if the actions you have defined for the links you placed within your newsletter are giving results, these actions can range from the promotion of articles to your E-commerce, an article on your website or to the content of your social networks. With these statistics you can test and create special segments aimed at the links that generate the most traffic, taking into account the behavior of your subscribers.

  5. Analyze who opened their emails

    With Mailpro, you will automatically get a list of people who opened your newsletter, which you can arrange by the user data of your email address, opening date and name of the address book in which you register your subscriber. This data will allow you to create automatic campaign strategies directed towards a group of your subscribers who open their campaigns at specific times and days, it will also facilitate the task of establishing the best schedules to make their shipments.

  6. Exclusive statistics for your automatic campaigns

    Measure the value of direct communication with users who have already interacted with your first message. From Mailpro's email marketing statistics panel, you can find a special section that will show you the data of your automated transactional campaigns. Find out which of your customers opened that welcome message by subscribing to your newsletter or redirecting your campaign to that segment of its users who have not read your message. With statistical data on opening rates by day and time, click rate, opening date, and links with greater interaction you can strengthen the Engagement with your customers and increase your brand notoriety by sending the appropriate mail to the indicated customer.

  7. Check and compare the effectiveness of your campaigns

    Go one step further in analyzing your delivery data and see what your most successful email campaigns have been. From our statistics per campaign you will find Compare. In this window you can select the number of sent campaigns that you want to compare and contrast, selecting the name from the most recent to the first one you ever created, thus having access to the general comparative metrics of the number of emails sent, percentages of openings, clicks and badmails. With graphs you can visualize the behavior of these campaign metrics that you can sort by days or hours. In addition, with geolocation maps, you will know where the sent emails have been opened and compare the countries or cities where your messages have arrived. It will have the comparative detail of the email client and the operating system with which had the greatest reception. As well as taking control of your comparative data by campaign, you can, for example, compare your campaigns from past and current Christmas seasons, in order to make the decision to make the changes you need for your next shipment

  8. Customize and export your statistical reports

    Real-time statistics analysis for email campaigns will not be complete without a tangible newsletter metrics report that you can access when you need to show your customer or present at your team meeting. With Mailpro, you can extract all your data in XLS, SLSX, CSV formats and select specifically if you want to download the opening percentages, clicks, unopened emails or badmail and sort them by time, address book or email. For speed and convenience, at your disposal is the option to download result reports of personalized newsletter campaigns with general information of each campaign, which you can easily interpret and where you can place the logo of your company, marketing agency, brand or service, so you can have your data at hand and review each of its statistics in detail.

The email marketing campaigns real-time statistics analysis is essential to know the success and behavior of your shipments and thus allowing you to fine-tune details between each campaign you run. Having this information and sharing it with your team or clients is the best way to manage the necessary changes to your newsletter designs and to know when to optimize each email campaign. In the same way you can compare campaigns and reach the subscribers who have not opened the email, once again.

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