With the constant improvement of email marketing services, more and more professionals, entrepreneurs and companies rely on this particular marketing method that always produces excellent results. To be able to implement it however, we must rely on some external software, specifically developed to be able to send large amounts of emails and newsletters to multitudes of users.

In this context, two particular pieces of software stand out: Mailrelay and its best alternative, Mailpro, whose merits we seek to show you in this article and who we believe,  would be a wise choice to use  as an alternative to the competing Mailrelay. Mailpro can offer you the best solution for your email marketing campaigns that work.

Campaign customization: Mailpro is virtually limitless!

Many professionals start their own email marketing campaigns by deciding what will be the graphic aspect of the newsletters sent via email. The graphic counts, and is, to say the least, fundamental in appearing attractive and convincing to the public. This is why it is important that the newsletter software be as cheap as possible and allow maximum customization.

Let's take a look at comparing Mailrelay and Mailpro. First of all: what is Mailrelay? It is a software to send newsletters, just like Mailpro, but with some differences. The first big difference is the number of templates, which should be a subject of embarrassment to Mailrelay ,  as it only offers 8 templates that can be used by the user. How many does Mailpro offers? More than 500: here the numbers really speak for themselves and there is really is no comparing the two.

Most of us agree that newsletter prices can be very costly. In the specific case of Mailrelay however, they get even higher, since it is necessary to have an Enterprise level account to unlock two very important features. The first, is the personalization of the forms that need to be filled out to subscribe to a newsletter campaign, the second, is the possibility to read advanced statistics using graphs, precise data and more. Mailpro, on the other hand, offers both features mentioned above free of charge for each account.

Email personalization

Safe data in databases in Switzerland

Every online service provider must keep its users data, and also the data of users subscribed to its newsletter, in digital spaces that are absolutely safe and difficult to attack by hackers. The solution adopted by Mailpro, corresponds to the laws that originate in Switzerland, the country in which the Mailpro datacenter is located.

For the user, knowing that all his sensitive data is stored in Switzerland, must instill a peace of mind. Yes, because the data protection law in Switzerland is significantly higher and more restrictive than in other countries: in this way, any data entered is practically in an iron barrel.

In general, every policy for privacy in Switzerland is among the best in both Europe and the world and allows a large amount of data to be collected in total safety, which is also in part thanks to having a rather large data center. We believe that this factor should be taken into consideration, as it is a rather delicate subject.

Safe data

Computer security even before the laws

Two other strengths that lean in favor of Mailpro have to do with pure computer security, or the general security of the online provider's servers. We immediately admit that Mailrelay offers standard security, but that despite their living up to a good standards, is not sufficient for repairing data from targeted IT attacks.

This is why Mailpro has a robust IT structure, using the best and most recent technologies time and time again. Combined with the effect of the laws on privacy and IT protection in Switzerland, it can be safely stated that any of your email marketing campaigns can work without any problems in terms of security. Moreover, Mailpro is much more effective in sending emails, since it has a very high sending rating that allows you to send almost all emails immediately.

And how could we not mention the anti-spam test? In newsletter campaigns, one may run into a common problem: it’s possible that some emails end up in even subscribed users spam folders, generating a rather unpleasant loss that can result in lower revenue and fewer visits. The anti-spam tool, a tool Mailpro proudly implements which Mailrelay does not, is very effective in fixing this dilemma. Finally, in favor of Mailpro, we cannot fail to mention the Service Level Agreement, a contract which places the responsibility of all possible problems encountered by the user, on the company, and therefore on Mailpro itself, which will promptly resolve any arising problems. For more information, you can visit this page, which explains everything you need to know about privacy and company obligations in detail.


No customer limitations

The last thing a customer wants for their email marketing campaigns is unnecessary and unproductive limitations, which unfortunately are present in the case of Mailrelay.

Mailrelay, for example, does not allow registration to the service with a personal email (domains regularly used by users, such as gmail.com, outlook.it and others are not allowed) but explicitly requires registration with a corporate address, ie associated to companies with their own domain.

Another rather serious limitation has to do with the number of emails that can be sent and the number of users subscribed to the newsletter, because according to these figures, Mailrelay imposes limits on users who can register. On the contrary, Mailpro does not impose any limit of subscribers and only proposes a tax on the number of emails sent.

Contact list

Many types of assistance

Customer support is one of the most important parts of a company in general, and especially with regards to email marketing providers. For this reason, Mailpro has structured its assistance so that it can be disclosed to as many users as possible, as evidenced by the languages ​​available.

In fact, Mailpro customer support is available in the main languages, namely Italian, English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Support methods are not limited only to email and telephone but we also have a dedicated chat portal; Mailrelay on the other hand, doesn't  evenoffer email support. If you’d like to contact us via email, we’ll respond promptly. Telephone support is available from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:30.

Visit the official Mailpro site to get a complete overview of the offer. We are sure that you will not be disappointed and, of all the providers, you will choose Mailpro for your future email marketing campaigns!

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