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Some client representatives of well-known brands have chosen Mailpro email marketing solutions

  • HP
  • ESL
  • BMW
  • TCS
  • Renault
  • Mc Cain
  • Man
  • Lexus
  • Toyota
  • VW

The main features of MAILPRO

Our emailing software Mailpro offers all the features that a small or medium-sized company would expect. Don't waste anymore time: Email Marketing Software with easy handling and its automatic newsletter builder , Email Marketing with Mailpro, it's easy to create your emailing alone. Discover its multiple features and test it without any obligation! Emailing is not the apogee of spam. Emailing is a modern communication vector through the use of emails. Today, it's more used to build customer loyalty than to acquire new clients. Our free emailing software runs on our private cloud based in Switzerland. We offer you a large number of newsletter templates and, for the holidays, check out the Easter Templates and the Soccer Templates! Send a mailing and a pro newsletter, Mailpro is used by more than 150,000 associations and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Create your newsletter
Today, you can create your own newsletter without knowing any HTML code. Our tool is simple and free to try.
Manage your contacts
Import your contacts (from Excel, for example). Use the custom fields to improve the opening rate.
Send your email.
Delivering your emails is the core of our business, we do it in perfect transparency. Plan your mailings and use the automatic emails.
Analyse your mailings
The analysis of your mailings allows you to better target of contacts, take advantage of detailed statistics.
Other advanced features
During 15 years on the market, we have developed advanced functions for our customers and partners.
GDPR Compliant
Mailpro complies with new EU General Data Protection Regulation, see how:

Good Reasons to use Mailpro

Email marketing: latest from our blog

Wed, 10 Jul 2019

Design your email marketing strategy for the summer

Summer has arrived! It is possible that you are planning to give your subscribers a break and vary your email marketing strategy for summer. But, we must tell you that you should not overlook this season and continue communicating and maintain contact with your customers with updates and fresh offers related to the season.

Tue, 2 Jul 2019

What are Spam Words and Why Should You Stay Away from Them?

How many emails have you received with headings such as "You won the lottery" or "Lose Weight with this Natural remedy", "Gain financial freedom today.” Phrases or words like these are known as spam words. Using terms like this in the message body and subject of your newsletters to try to capture the customer's attention will not w...

Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Know the importance of "Buyer Persona" or ideal customer in Email Marketing

Personalization has become one of the main keys of any email marketing strategy. Trying to know your final user perfectly and at what stage of the sales process you find each one will help you...

  • “We are delighted of our 4 year partnership with Mailpro. They are a truly trustworthy partner who demonstrates great professionalism. The Mailpro solution is efficient and has evolved in response to the market demands while remaining user-friendly for our clients.”

    Orange -

  • “We've been using Mailpro™ for many years already and are delighted. The solution is always available and very efficient. But the difference for us is that the solution is user-friendly despite being feature-rich, which allows us to communicate very easily and quickly with our clients.”

    Nirva Software

  • "A company specialising in custom computing developments, we use Mailpro™ and we recommend it regularly. This very intuitive tool allows everyone to manage a mailing of high quality, in particular with the feature which allows to create a message from an Internet page."

    Foy sàrl -

  • "Easy of use, simple and very effective. We send emails, newsletters via Mailpro… Furthermore, a statistical report allows us to follow our emails, the number of clicks, etc. Mailpro is a tool which we recommend to all."



Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits