With Mailpro, you can configure and personalize your DKIM for your domain, to make sure your messages don’t go into the SPAM folders.

DKIM is a method of authentication used by some internet providers to know if a message comes from an authorized system.

The DKIM adds a signature in the header of each message of a specific domain, and this signature is generated by a specific private key. There is a public key also saved in a DNS.

Mainly when an email server receives the message, it will verify that the private key was used to create the public key. If the private key was not used to create the public key, then it will consider this message to be SPAM or Phishing.

In the "Webmaster Zone" of your Mailpro account, you can generate your keys to install in your DNS. Once you are done, you can validate it and we will install it on our side.

Configure DKIM Key Signature

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Follow our FAQ to easily Configure your DKIM with Mailpro

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