Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch, communicate and create loyalty amongst your customers. There is a wide range of email marketing software available, but it is important that you identify the one that best suits your brand and needs.

In this comparison of the best email marketing software, we will tell you what benefits Mailpro offers and those of its alternatives.

Mailchimp: little data security

One of the factors that you must take into account when selecting a professional email marketing software, is the security that they can provide your data.

It is true that Mailchimp is one of the most popular software, but one of its main disadvantages is that its data is held within the United States. The privacy laws differ from one country to another, and is no different in Uncle Sam’s territory, where his "laws against privacy" authorize the authorities to request the data of any user who is housed in the territory at any time and without requesting said user's consent.

All the data that you entrust to Mailpro is protected under Swiss federal laws, which ensure the total protection of physical and digital data. Considering that the servers that host all the data are located in Swiss territory, you are given the certainty of working with a great solution, cohesive at all levels, which guarantees the security and protection of your data.


Another point that limits Mailchimps’ usefulness is its lack of multilanguage support and the fact that it’s a platform which only serves in English. If you need to clear up your doubts, it is important that you use a personalized service that you can count on in your own language, both by online messages, telephone and email.

If you take a look at the platforms’ template offerings, it is limited to 100 templates in comparison to the 600+ newsletters templates that can be found in Mailpro.

Learn more about the features that make Mailpro the alternative to Mailchimp you are looking for.

Mailrelay: offer only for emails

When you are looking for an alternative to Mailrelay, it is important that you take into account the option that stands out for its delivery service. One of the advantages offered by Mailpro that makes it stand out from its competitors, are its robust servers controlled by a team of professionals that ensure to maintain delivery levels of 97%.

Mailrelay only offers you a platform dedicated to sending emails, which limits your opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign by creating SMS campaigns. Sending SMS as a complement to your Email Marketing campaigns is one of the advantages of a multi-channel solution such as Mailpro, from a single platform you can create email marketing campaigns and complement them with SMS.

We also maintain strict Anti-Spam rules backed by a Spam test that can be done before sending each campaign, free of charge. With this test, you will be sure if your email can actually be sent or if you must make changes, in contrast to platforms like Mailrelay that does not offer the functionality that detects the possibilities of emails falling into the spam folder.


Brevo: limited functionalities and access to statistics

It is essential to review the email sending statistics and that these stats are available to all users. When we compare with Brevo, access to advanced data is limited to payment packages. In Mailpro, you can have completely free access to all your statistical data whether you use the free version or payment plans.

When we review the costs of Brevo, its free version is limited to sending 300 emails per day, while Mailpro does not impose a daily limit on free plans. If you want to place the logo of your company or brand on your newsletters, you can do it starting from a low price while with Brevo, you can only do so by being part of the bronze plan. The presence of the logo of your brand or product is a fundamental hallmark for maintaining a brand presence and is even better if placing your logo is possible at a small cost.


Mailify: limited number of templates and daily deliveries

The wide range of templates offered by Mailpro is available to all users and is offered within all its plans. In our comparison of the best email marketing software and in talking about  Mailify, we found that the application only offers 76 templates, and within the app, access to a larger gallery is only available for paid users. Mailpro offers this functionality to all registered plans within the application. It is true that all applications offer sample templates but the difference lays in diversity.

Another one of this platform’s limitations is the limit of emails that free accounts can send per day, which is something that we do not limit in our application. In addition, if we’re talking about costs, Mailify limits access to functionalities that only paying users can work with. From Mailpro, you can freely access the functionalities from the moment you register.

Just as we are committed to the security of your data by safeguarding it under Swiss rules, we maintain a service level agreement that Mailify does not clear show to its users. Through this agreement, customer satisfaction and the high level of service offered by Mailpro is guaranteed.


With this comparison of the best email marketing software, we can assure that one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp, Mailify, Mailrelay and Brevo is at your fingertips. We believe that under these marked differences, Mailpro is the option that will accompany you in all stages of your email campaign, be it the design, statistical analysis or the creation of your transactional emails.

Review our plans, as well as our detailed comparison lists to learn more about why Mailpro is the simplest and most effective solution for your business.

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