If you are looking to an alternative to Mailchimp which is better than mailchimp? You have come to the right place!

We have analyzed their solution to give you a full review and comparison of both email marketing solutions.

Safe data

Keeping your data safe should be one of the most important factors when choosing an application since Data protection laws differ from country to country.

For example, US data protection not very well seeing because of its anti-privacy laws. By anti-privacy laws we mean, that if you keep data stored in the US, and for whatever reason the government or law enforcement agencies were to ask for your data, the data would have to be provided to them by law. This is better known as anti-privacy laws.

Switzerland has been seeing for years as a place to keep your data safe because of the Federal Act on Data protection, which forbade any unauthorized access to any data which was kept in Switzerland.

Safe data

Cheaper alternative to Mailchimp

At first sight, Mailchimp seems to be generous to free accounts. However, if you have more than 2,000 subscribers in your address book, which is mostly the case for business owners, you will have to start a paying Plan. Mailchimp’s prices are more expensive than Mailpro prices as you can see in our pricing page.

Mailpro includes all functionalities for a single price instead of charging for specific functionalities. 1 credit=1 email sent. Our prices are competitive and easy to understand. We count with pre-paid credits if you don’t do regular monthly sending’s, or an annual subscription if you send newsletters on a regular basis.

Take a look at our pricing page or create a free account today!

We also maintain strict Anti-Spam rules backed by a Spam test that can be done before sending each campaign, free of charge. With this test, you will be sure if your email can actually be sent or if you must make changes, in contrast to platforms like Mailrelay that does not offer the functionality that detects the possibilities of emails falling into the spam folder.


Better customer service

What happens if you encounter technical difficulties? What happens if you need help learning how to use the application? Or even worst, what happens if all of a sudden your emails don’t seem to be arriving to their destination? Are they all going directly to the SPAM folder? These are all reasons why it’s important to have an email marketing support or a customer service team to help you when you need it... It is normal to have questions and to be able to get answers from your provider.

However, the only way you will get some decent support at Mailchimp seems to be if you upgrade to expensive plans.

Mailpro on the other hand, offers you free phone, chat or email support even if you only have a free account. We take pride on the personal customer service we offer each of our clients. And we count with a Service Level Agreement to make sure our customer’s needs are 100% satisfied.

Customer Service

Multilingual application

Mailpro’s application is in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, making sure we make the life easier for our customers all around the world. Mailchimp’s application on the other hand, is only in English, making extremely difficult to use if you don’t dominate the English language. When communicating to your audience there should be no room for mistakes. Make sure you work in an environment in which you feel comfortable to work even with more technical things such as adding an SPF or a DKIM.


Free newsletter templates

Mailpro also counts with more than +600 Newsletter templates as oppose to Mailchimp’s mere 100 templates. We have templates for many different categories, all for free. Templates are a great way to save time. All you have to do is personalize your templates, and add your company information whether you are trying to communicate for a special event such as Halloween or Christmas, or whether you are a dentist, you own a sport center or a bar (among others).

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about why we think our solution is better than Mailchimp.


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