Within the functionality for the analysis of statistics of email marketing campaigns offered by Mailpro, you can find a precise and complete statistical report of email marketing campaigns in PDF format that you can customize with the logo of your agency, brand or client for each of the email marketing campaigns that you have created.

In the case of being a marketing agency, you can use these customizable reports when arranging your meetings, and you present the results of the campaigns that you created for several of your clients or if you have the communication approach of a company that handles different products and you need to show the results to your commercial team in a meeting.

One of the great advantages of exporting your reports in PDF format is the speed with which you can share the data, send it to your clients or present it to your work team. This will allow you to save time and effectively manage the adjustments you need to make to your email marketing strategy.

White Label Statistical PDF Reports

In this customizable report you can have a simple and clear detail of the most important metrics for measuring your campaigns.

  • Number of Deliveries: Shows the total number of emails sent within your campaign, the number of emails that have reached your subscribers.
  • Percentages of openings: This is one of the most important indicators within an email marketing strategy. It will indicate the exact amount of emails that have been read or opened by users.
  • Total clicks: It shows you the total number of users who have interacted with the links, buttons and calls to action that you have designed for the user to generate a specific action with your message.
  • Number of badmail: It will indicate the number of returns or bounces on which you could have typing errors or perhaps inserted some email address that is non-existent.
  • Opening and interaction days: It shows you the days in which your subscribers have read the email and how many at that moment interacted with the calls to action that you have created.
  • Number of clicks on your links: View the number of clicks on the links you have placed within the design of your newsletter and also show which link has generated the most interactions.
  • Newsletter openings by country: Know where your subscribers are located in the world. With this statistic, you can create future strategies to carry out campaigns directed to your clients according to the region they are located in.
  • Operating systems: You can create campaigns designed for your customers who are users of Mac, Windows and Android or Iphone mobile devices.
  • Email Client: With this graph, you will be able to know if your subscriber has opened the mail using platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other one in which you have registered to your newsletter.
  • Hours of interaction: It shows you in detail, the hours of the day in which your email campaign has the highest opening and interaction ratios.

Carrying a fully detailed perspective of the statistics of your email campaigns is a fundamental part of an email marketing strategy and by holding a report of results of your newsletter that can be easily interpreted and a statistical summary that shows you the main metrics, you will be ready to make the right decision about the content of your future email campaigns.

It is important that you take the time to read and analyze this data, which really represent the effectiveness of the shipments you have planned. Having this information and sharing it with your team or clients is the best way to manage the necessary changes to your newsletter designs and to know when to optimize each email campaign. Likewise, you can compare campaigns and reach those subscribers who have not opened the email once again.

In our Mailpro Emailing Academy, you can find complete information about the functionalities of our platform for the measurement of your emails as well as instructional videos that teach you in detail how to find statistics and read your numbers in a general and specific way.

Our personalized White label Statistical Reports for Email Marketing is a utility that is designed for those who need to optimize their time, manage different clients and need to present professional results that can be interpreted by all those involved in the development of an email marketing strategy.

Saving time and customizing each report of your campaigns are some of the great advantages you can find among the features of our tool.

Sending emails with Mailpro is extremely easy and cheap and you can a look at our price list and learn more about our prepaid and annual plans. Send newsletters, communicate your promotions, and keep your customers updated by going directly to their ticket trays.

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