The privacy of Data is no longer a taboo. It is now well know with the launching of the GDPR in 2018 that data breaches can cost millions of dollars to companies. Therefore making it imperative for companies and natural people to make sure they are complying.

If someone gets access to your data, they get access to your business. It´s as simple as to protecting your business. You would not leave the keys of your business to just anyone without being 100% sure that a certain number of things will be respected. The fact is that you probably hold important data and sensitive information from your customers, which should respected and kept safe. It is actually expected from customers, for business owners to do everything possible so that their data is respected.

Data protection laws differ from country to country and when choosing an email marketing solution it is of the outmost importance to choose a solution which will protect your data and that of your customers.

The fact is that since the Swiss Federal Data protection in 1992, all data stored in Switzerland is protected, and no one can ask for your data whether physical or digital data, and it forbids any unauthorized access to data kept in Switzerland.

This, differs greatly from country to country, being especially different from the US data protection, which is often critized for its anti-privacy laws. In the US, for example, the government or law enforcement agencies could ask for your data if you are being investigated and have the right to access your data if needed.

Swiss data center

Here are some reasons why you should keep your data safe

  • It is a legal obligation to keep data safe: regardless of what kind of data you have, it is your legal obligation since the pass of the GDPR in 2018, to keep your customer´s data protected and safe.
  • Maintaining a good Business Reputation: To offer trustworthy services to your customers which in return will trust you with their sensitive information. If there is a breach in the security of the data, your customers will lose complete trust on your services, thus, affecting your business´s reputation.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Legal Expenses: not securing and protecting your customer's data can cost any business big amounts of money on legal fees. It is proven that security data breaches can cost companies a lot in legal fees and in restoring the security data breach. Without mentioning the loss of customer´s trust and clientele you might lose from it.

Our Data Center is located in Switzerland, a country well known for its economic stability, neutrality, strong legal system and low inflation. This combined with its strong privacy laws, make it an ideal place for keeping your data safe and untouched.

Swiss data center

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