At Mailpro, we don’t just send emails, we deliver them!

IP stands for internet protocol and it is basically a unique number given to each device, to track all of its online activity. Mailpro uses hundreds of IP addresses to send emails in order to deliver them fast!

When choosing an email marketing provider, a very important factor to taken into consideration is that they send your emails from reputable IP´s. Otherwise, your emails will probably end up in a Spam folder and you will pass unnoticed by your customers.

With Mailpro, you can rest assured. Our team of specialists closely monitor the reputation of IPs to make sure they are not blacklisted and that your email are delivered in a timely manner without falling into SPAM folders.

Another important factor in our IP reputation Management, is that we count with strict legal terms and conditions, and we have a zero spam policy, thus avoiding that other customer´s sending’s affect your own.

These, plus our dedicated IP Pools which is a selection of a top the cream group of IPs designated for you as a customer, is the reason why we have solid email deliverability of more than 95%.

IP Reputation Management

When you have a dedicated IP pool, you don´t need to worry about the reputation of your IP´s because we closely manage it, as opposed to a dedicated IP address, in which you are fully responsible for the reputation of your IP.

An email originates from an IP address, and IP reputation is used to see if a specific IP address is responsible for sending spam.

If the IP that your provider gives you, has a bad reputation, chances are all of the emails you send, will fall into the SPAM folder.

Rest assured with Mailpro knowing that our team of experts closely manage our IP-s reputation without you having to pay extra for this functionality. See our all-inclusive prices and create an account today!

Mailpro counts with a robust infrastructure in Switzerland to make sure you get your emails delivered. Delivering emails is our specialty and we have a team of experts to guide you whether to install SPF, DKIM Key, DMARC to make sure your emails arrive to their destination.

Learn more about IP Reputation on our blog.

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