Whether you are in charge of a small, medium or large business, excellent email marketing campaigns are always needed and are proven to work. But how much does a newsletter cost? It is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves, and that may be simpler to answer than it seems: to rely on an excellent email marketing service.

That's why we talk about Mailpro: one of the best alternatives to Mailify for what it offers overall, its price, functionality and much more. Let's find out the differences.

Functionality at reduced prices

An aspect any online business entrepreneur will focus strongly on is crafting a wholesome email marketing campaign, which is why it is necessary not to miss any details. Fortunately, on Mailpro you can find everything to fulfill your any need at reduced prices.

For example, starting from automated email marketing campaigns, which allow the manager to invest the necessary money and let the software do the rest. With Mailpro, this feature is included for any type of account, while Mailify makes it available only to Premium and Exclusive accounts, for a fee (and at prices higher than standard accounts).

Even Mailify, like Mailpro, offers an unlimited contact list, but there is a difference: Mailify imposes a maximum limit of emails that can be sent each day for free accounts. Mailpro, on the other hand, does not impose limits, which means that even a basic account user can send an unlimited number of daily emails, thus reaching all their campaign’s subscribers.


Identify yourself easily

But the strength lies in the huge catalog of pre-built email templates. These templates offer many benefits: first of all, they save time as there is no need to create specific templates from scratch. They also allow the user to read the e-mail more easily, thanks to the attractive designs proposed.

The offer of templates on Mailify is very small, offering only 76 models, while on Mailpro you can find more than 500. Will that be enough? All models are free and can also be used by free accounts.


A powerful infrastructure that always guarantee maximum efficiency

Efficiency in sending emails for email marketing campaigns is the first requirement for them to work at their best. When an email marketing campaign works, the results are seen, but they are seen if and only if the emails arrive! Only then will users open the email, and click on it.

Mailpro offers significant advantages that Mailify does not offer. The first advantage is the very robust structure of its servers, constantly controlled by the team and always working, so you never miss a beat. Which is why, moreover, Mailpro is able to send 97% of the emails used for marketing in just under an hour.

Owning enhanced and reliable digital infrastructures is a prerogative for many business activities, which cannot afford to lose customers. Mailpro responds promptly to this request by offering dedicated servers under constant support, also thanks to a team that can boast experience in the sector since 2001.


Among the best customer support deals

Among the alternatives to Mailify, none offers such a powerful and completely free customer service like Mailpro. Yes, because although it is also free on Mailify, it is not as detailed as Mailpro’s. Mailpro offers complete assistance through three channels: telephone, chat or email, while Mailify currently only has a support service through the phone.

Mailpro is also available in several languages, including Italian and the same applies to telephone support: you will write in Italian and receive replies in Italian. Mailify is only in English, both at a general and support level, and this could represent a considerable limit for many users who are not very familiar with the Anglo-Saxon language.

In any case, Mailpro is also available in other languages: Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, for a deal to say the least.

Customer Service

An aspect to be reckoned with: customer safety

Who hasn't happened to run into spam emails, perhaps with unpleasant implications? Unfortunately, this is something extremely common, perhaps even daily, since our emails are constantly under the target of various sites offering newsletters.

This is why the need to guarantee total security to one's subscribers is imperative. For this reason, Mailpro offers a test service against spam, to verify that the mail arrives directly in the correct inbox and does not end up in the junk mail. But that's not all: all data is stored on Swiss servers, according to the country’s strict privacy regulations.

We cannot fail to mention the Service Level Agreement, which places full responsibility on Mailpro for any inconvenience, or penalizing factor towards the end user, ie the subscriber to the email marketing campaign. Mailpro will take responsibility for every complaint, appeal and notification of various types, in order to offer complete assistance.

Data safety

Guides and tutorials for all

A final choice factor that will surely make you prefer Mailpro to Mailify, is the presence of guides and tutorials on the site. The Mailpro Academy is just the placeif you are looking for useful tools to learn email marketing techniques. Mailify does not offer any guides and tutorials, thus forcing the user to search elsewhere, outside their own site.

These guides will allow you to explore specific issues, such as the integration of the Mailpro codes in your apps, or suggestions on the content to write in your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing works also thanks to these small details, with the benefit that any guide and video-tutorial is free and usable by anyone, even by those who have not subscribed or registered accounts on Mailpro.

In short, we are sure to have convinced you to try Mailpro, one of the best alternatives to Mailify and urge you to give it your time: what are you waiting for?


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