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Low opening rate

Solve the low opening rate in email marketing acquisition

Segmentation and test, 2 solutions against the very limited interest of contacts solicited by commercial message


Because of the origin of targeted prospects in an acquisition email campaign , low message opening rates and reduced impact on business performance are common pitfalls. To combat this limited interest of the recipients, it's important to implement corrective actions, even before the start of mailings. The latter use technical and marketing solutions based on the segmentation of the contact database and a permanent test of the promise.


Marketing segmentation, insurance of an interested recipient


Turnkey delivery of a recipient base by an email marketing professional should not be synonymous with bulk mailing. Already being solicited by other companies, prospects may feel advertising pressure and are inclined to qualify as "spam" messages with a weak relation to their real needs. To limit this disastrous outcome for the reputation of the sender and opening rate, it's necessary to quantify very precisely the potential audience and to favor the prospects closest to the commercial offer.


The permanent adaptation of the promise of the email


If this first step ensures the advertiser of a generally receptive audience, the opening rate nevertheless remains conditioned by the commercial promise of the message.

A humanized identification of the issuer, personalization of the recipient and an attractive editorial marketing message reduce the risk of being qualified as 'spam'. The test, combined with continuous responsiveness, is an unavoidable solution to easily identify the elements of the email to be improved.


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