integrated Mailpro image editor

The integrated Mailpro image editor lets you work on your images online

The integrated Mailpro image editor offers the following features among others:

Crop images

You can easily crop your images, by choosing its length and width, or by using the percentage feature.

Make a rotation

In order to give a postcard effect to your photos, simply use the image rotation feature.

Resize images

You think your picture is too large or too small? With the resize feature that resizes your photos, you can find the ideal size for your newsletter.

Round corners

The corner rounding feature will give a nice effect to your images.

Add text

You can add text onto your images, by choosing the font, the color, the size, and much more!

Draw on the images

Express your artistic talents thanks to the Draw on images feature. Several line widths are available.

Add filters

The integrated Mailpro image editor alllows you to add filters on your photos.

Add shapes

The Add shapes feature allows you to add amon others circles, rectangles and triangles that can be customized directly on your images.

Insert stickers

The Insert stickers feature lets you add many stickers, categorized by themes, onto your images. Let your imagination speak for you!

To find our tutorial video, please click here