Why send automatic birthday emails

It's always nice for someone to feel liked and appreciated; this creates a friendly relationship with your client, especially if you offer him or her a real gift through your site, with a 20% bonus for example, or a surprise gift in your shop or office.

How to send automatic birthday emails

When importing your address book, you must first fill in the birthday of your client. Then, in the Automatic Email section, you can choose the field (and test it) of your client's birth date and the newsletter template you want to send. Mailpro will check your database every day and send the email at a time you have previously defined.

Automatic email on a birthday

Automatic emails are a great way to save time, you will program your automatic emails according to triggers and they will run by themselves while you work on other important tasks. Automatic emails will also help you boost your revenue and also a great way to get personal with your customers. Some of the most used automatic emails are

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