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Mailpro's environmental commitment

Green Emailing, Mailpro™'s environmental commitment


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Mailpro™ commits to reduce the environmental impact of email campaigns by offsetting the CO2 impact2produced by electronic messaging.

Even though emails are far more ecological than the paper medium, they do have an environmental impact. In the same way as some other eco-labels, the Green Emailing label certifies the compensation of the equivalent of the CO22produced by the use of our routing services.

Mailpro™ committed to offset the CO22produced by the sending of emails. For each email sent, 0,03 CO2 grams will be offset.2In concrete terms, we are taking part in a reforestation programme via a partnership with Tree Nation.

You can report this compensation in your email marketing newsletters. During the sending of a campaign with Mailpro™, you can accept to insert the Green Emailing logo to inform readers that this mail is offset by its CO2 equivalent.2.

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