Environmental commitment of Mailpro™

Green Emailing, Mailpro™'s environmental commitment

Mailpro™ is committed to reducing the environmental impact of email campaigns by offsetting the levels of CO2 produced.

Email, although more environmentally friendly than paper, still has an impact on the environment. The Green Emailing label reinforces the commitment of our company to offset the quantity of CO2 created by the use of our routing services.

Mailpro™ is committed to reducing the CO2 generated by our email campaigns. For each email, 0.3 grams of CO2 is generated. We are heavily involved in a reforestation program thanks to our partnership with Tree Nation.

You can mention this commitment of ours to reduce the CO2 levels in your marketing newsletters. In Mailpro™, when setting up an email campaign, you can insert the Green Emailing logo, notifying that the CO2 created by the campaign will be offset.