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Contacts Management with Mailpro™

Import, manage and organize your contacts

Organize your contacts into address books

From Mailpro you can manage contact addresses simply and efficiently. Install our subscription forms on your website to register the email addresses and automatically integrate the contacts to your account. You can upload your own list from CSV, XLS, XLSX files as well as integrate your CRM, CMS or Website to filter the duplicates and unsubscriptions directly.

  • You will have access to a clear and accurate import report
  • Unlimited number of addresses
  • Address with 25 customizable fields (see video )
  • Automatic Management of duplicates and Badmail

We know how important it is to keep lists of safe and growing contacts, that's why our forms comply with GDPR standards to ensure you clean and SPAM-free contact lists.

Import Reports

Import your contacts and our platform will automatically manage invalid, duplicate, unsubscribed and badmail emails. It will not be necessary to save your databases in CRM or ERP software. Simply import your contacts for each campaign and our system will manage the addresses and send a report of each entry to your list.

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Form Generator

Integrate a subscription form to your Website or blog to know the information and contact of your customers. With a registration form, you can invite your visitors to your newsletter or confirm invitations and increase your list of contacts safely and easily.

All Mailpro registration forms comply with the dual subscription processes and also comply with the GDPR laws which leads to reliable contacts, and a website with a well cared for reputation.

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Double Opt-in Subscription 

Be sure that the contacts in your databases are valid addresses. With Mailpro you can create a Double Acceptance form with which you will have proof of consent of each subscriber and avoid problems with laws such as the RGPD.

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Unsubscription Management

Unsubscriptions are managed automatically by Mailpro™. With each new newsletter you send, Mailpro™ automatically adds the unsubscribe link at the end of the message.

When a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link on your message, his or her address is automatically moved from your address book to be saved in an unsubscribe address book.

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Badmails Management 

In Mailpro™ Email Marketing Platform, bounces are processed at regular intervals, but because the system tries to send your email campaign several times before declaring an email address to be invalid or badmail, this process of getting the final list of bounced mail can take up to 48 hours.

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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits