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Planify your Sendings

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Why plan your mailings?

It's important to plan your mailings according to the type of registration to your newsletters. Indeed, you will get a much better opening rate on a pro basis at 10am for example than on a Sunday at 4pm. Indeed, pro emails are viewed in the morning when arriving at the office or on public transport and the number of emails in the trash is more important than an email arriving at 10am during the coffee break, for example.

Conversely, a database with private emails can have an excellent opening rate on a rainy Sunday afternoon for example!

How to plan your mailings?

When preparing the mailings, you can simply select a date and time. Experiment with your databases to optimize the best time for your target audience. It's good to regularly test the best time to send mailings in order to optimize the opening rate of your emails.

Planify your Sendings

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