Choosing the right sender email address is be extremely important for your email marketing campaign. One of the most important factor in Email marketing is “trust”. The fact is that your audience might chose to open or not your email, depending on if they trust your email address or not. There is a big chance that if you send them an email from a completely strange email address, they chose not to even look at your email. Even worst, some free domain names can immediately get flagged as Spam and your message won’t even reach your audience.

When choosing an Email Marketing solution, you need to make sure, that you have the possibility of using multiple sender email addresses in order to communicate effectively to specific groups or address books.

Why you should have different sending addresses?

With Mailpro you can add multiple sender email addresses into your account. This functionality is extremely useful when you have different businesses or different sender addresses for different address books.

For example, if you have a specific address book to which you send special offers you could send it from a sales email address. If at the same time, you would like to communicate to your customers about interruptions in your service, you could send them the message from a support email address. Without having to use different Mailpro accounts.

With Mailpro it is possible to do this easily. By just going to Configuration and then Sender Email, you will be able to add as many different sender email addresses as you wish, to make you are communicating as effectively as possible with your Audience.

Multiple Sender Email Addresses

Some advises when choosing your Sender Email address

When choosing your sender email address, we recommend that you use a personal email address with a private domain name on it, and not a free email address. This is because free email addresses can be seen as unreliable, decreasing your campaign's delivery rate.

Learn more about how to chose your Sender Email Address in our blog, with advises such as why you shouldn´t use a free email account to do your sending, or why you shouldn’t use a noreply email to do your sendings.

Create a free account today and start communicating with your audience resting assured that your emails arrive to their destination and not the Spam folder.

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